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Counselor Realty Inc. of Alexandria

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Alexandria
Address 211 Broadway St
Phone 320-762-1111

Counselor Realty Inc. of Alexandria Reviews

  • Sep 16, 2017

Earlier this year me and my husband decided we were ready to sell our home and move into a smaller home. The home was getting to be too much for me to keep clean. We decided to contact Counselor Realty as they are always advertising about how many homes they sell. After we called to talk with a realtor it took over a day to get a return call. We wrote it off to them being busy but it should have been a sign to us that this was the wrong realty. The next day we met with the woman we talked to on the phone. After small talk we talked about our home and our plans. Before having her come to the home we wanted to know about what we'd have to pay to Counselor to sell. The percentage was okay as it was what we heard was the norm. But then we were told about a fee above and beyond the sales commission. It didn't make sense to us and she really couldn't explain it good. As best we could tell it was to keep copies of any paperwork. It seemed ridiculous especially since we would be paying them 6% of what are house sold for. We then said we would also be buying a home and asked if that would make a difference. The answer was no but there normally is also a fee charged to buyers but she would pay it for us. By this time, we both wasn't ready to move forward with Counselor. Both of us just couldn't understand the fees we were going to be paying for the home we worked so hard on. We left and passed by a number of nice, brand new cars in their lot which made us both mad.

We did end up talking to 3 more realtys. The first 2 also had a set fee beyond the sales commission! We finally did find one that didn't charge a fee and they told us the fees are bogus and used by realtys to pad their bottom line. Our home did sell and we bought a new home. The sales commission was less than Counslor Realty's and we didn't have to pay a fee to have our stuff filed. Do not go to Counselor.

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