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Coughlin Automotive of London

Country United States
State Ohio
City London
Address 255 Lafayette Rd
Phone 740-852-1122

Coughlin Automotive of London Reviews

  • Jun 24, 2016

Coughlin automotive in London Ohio took my car on trade and I had a new car for 3 weeks then they call me weeks later and say I'm not approved and give me my old car back blown up they told me not to come get it the first day because it was in detailing at their dealership and just the next day I followed it on a trailer from a town over 40 miles away they lie cheat and steal from their customers and I am stuck not able to get to work because they said here we will trade gave me a car blew my old one up and gave it back 3 weeks later and I have video of some of the injustices they did to me please help the public needs to know and coughlin needs to be exposed for the crooks they are

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