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Couchsurfing International, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 340 Kansas Street

Couchsurfing International, Inc. Reviews

  • Mar 21, 2018

I’m from Taiwan. I was a host on I paid 60 USD for verification on But they inactive my account now. I want to complaint 2 things to Federal Trade Commission. Which I already contacted, but didn’t solve.

1. Reactive my account.

2. Delete libelous, offensive reference on my frofile.

Few days ago, I hosted a japanese girl, Konomi Taki. Once she arrived in Kaohsiung, I went to station to pick her up. I paid UBER, bought snacks, offered my place, took her to Monkey Mountain for her. Well... I might not always smiling, because I have major depressive disorder. But I did my best jod to be a host.

She always asked me “ Are you unhappy now?” all the time. She asked this question so often, that almost drived me crazy. I always replied her “No, I’m not unhappy, just tried and sleepy.” That’s true words base on my real health condition. Because major depressive disorder and the medicine. But she just didn’t believe it! In conclusion, we just couldn’t get along. One day, my family told me that they will come to my place 2 days later. I had no choice to tell her that she must leave. She told me that she was already looking for a hotel. Because she thought we just couldn’t get along. And she didn’t want to stay in my place anymore.

Few days later, she blocked me. I was so angry, I left 3 bad reference to her. I knew I was wrong. Because I couldn’t register for more than one member account. So, my account is inactive now. But she also wrote me a libelous, offensive reference.

1st . She said "shady and unreliable", “i needed to check if he’s not grumpy or not all the time” . She also said “DON’T RECOMMEND THIS PERSON TO ANYONE”. I think those words are a kind of defamation, and also against the Terms of Use 4.1.(a), 4.1.(e) on

2nd . She was not telling the truth. She said “This guy will cancel on you at the last minute”. But the truth is, she already planned to leave before I told her that my family will coming. She just want to leave a negative reference to me.

3rd. I was looked “shady”, because I have major depressive disorder and the medicine. It’s really immoral to blame someone because of his disease. Here is the original reference she leaved to me.


This is the first time I write a BAD reference. Worst host ever! This person is really shady and unreliable!! He left me 3 bad references with fake accounts! This is against the Couchsurfing guideline. I already reported this person. Firstly, he sent me a host request and i happily accepted it. My stay was kinda long and i asked him if its really ok or not (10 nights) then he said its ok! Suddenly he told me he cant host me because his family would come over. Thanks for telling me this after I declined other offers. So be careful if you don’t have a backup plan. This guy will cancel on you at the last minute!

He always says “tired” or “sleepy”. he only cares about himself... i needed to check if he’s not grumpy or not all the time... it was so tiring. He never smiles he never tries to talk! If you got enough time to make lots of fake accounts to cyberbully someone, go do something productive. You’re wasting your time. DON’T RECOMMEND THIS PERSON TO ANYONE.

  • Sep 23, 2015

Couchsurfing International Inc. Is Run By A Bunch Of Angry, Racist, Bigoted Individuals!

May I say more?

I was referred to Couchsurfing International Inc. by some other travelers in the past, however, what they did Not tell me was on How Poorly Run This Website Actually Is and.....How Abusive Their Staff Are To Their Users, such as myself!

I have kept Silent for quite some time about this, but it is about Time To Spill The Beans!

The owner of the website is Mr. Casey Fenton ([email protected]) and he Deliberately And Purposely Allows His Staff The Power To Pick And Choose Who They Want To Keep On Their Website And Who They Want To Block And/Or Throw Off For Good Reasons, For Bad Reasons and/or For NO Reasons!

If they don't like your looks, race, sexuality, sexual orientation, job, living situation, hobbies, lifestyle, etc., they Can Get Riid Of You For Any Reason!

I had NO problem using the website at all, but I must Warn You, there are some users/hosts that are involved in Illegal Activity which Includes Drugs and of course, I personally would Not want to stay with them and they obviously should Not Be On Their Website, but Couchsurfing International Inc. does NOT screen all of their users! Absolutely Not!

Sometimes I would write a Bad Review on these such hosts that were involved in Illegal and/or Inappropriate Activity and sadly for retaliation purposes, they would in turn write a Fake Review On ME.

Furthermore, if you try to Complain to their POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT which does NOT EXIST, they will Not Do Anything About It!

This company is trained to Keep All Published Reviews About Anyone, Whether They Are Good, Bad, True, False or Fake Online And Permanent!

They do NOT Care what people really have to say about each other, unless they are saying something inappropriate i.e. using violence or foul language or threatening bodily harm to somebody, etc.

If it is a Clean Review Using Dictionary Language, they will Ignore Any Disputes Against It!

In My Case, somebody from within this Poorly Run Company was a PURE HATER AGAINST ME and kept on Removing My Profiles with No Reason Given!

If they had any Common Sense and did Not Remove My Legitimate Profile to begin with, then I would NOT have to keep on Making and Creating New Profiles. Obviously!

Please NOTE: I NEVER did anything illegal, nor do I have a criminal record and I know that it was something very Personal and the owner Casey Fenton ([email protected]) was most likely involved in it because he could have put a STOP TO THIS HARASSMENT that I received a very long time ago when I wrote to him to please fix and/or correct the situation and of course, he did Nothing About It!

There is absolutely Nobody from within their company to turn to if you wish to fix and/or correct a problem of any kind! Nobody!

It is that Bad!

At this point, they have Permanently Blocked ME from even accessing their main website and when I type in, I get something that says the following:

Write a Review about Couchsurfing International, Inc.