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Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care

Country United States
State Missouri
City Independence
Address 1200 S Noland Rd
Phone 8162871072

Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care Reviews

  • Dec 18, 2019

I took my vehicle to Cottman transmission of Emmaus for a free trans check. When i got there i was greeted by Shawn the manager and he and i went for a test ride in my truck with Shawn diong the driving. He told me that he knew what the problem was and that it could be fixed for around $500.00 to $600.00 dollars.

I left my truck there and he called me a couple of hour later telling me that it would cost me around $3000.00 dollars to repair the problem. I told him that i didn't have the money and to put my truck back together. He kept asking me if i could borrow the money or put the title to my truck up.

Shawn then told me that he would call me the next and i told him the same thing that i don't have the money and i'm not borrowing it from anyone. They had my truck since 12/11/2019 and i picked it up on 1216/2019 with the same isuuse that i had when i droped it off.

He started doing things that i didn't authorise the company to do to my vehicle. I then called corporate and spoke to Mike and he asked what was giong on. I explained to him what the issue was and he called Shawn. I then recieved a call fron Shawn asking me why did i call corprate on him.

I told him that i just wanted my truck fixed as the way that it should be. Ive been calling corprate and now all is getbis Mikes answering machine. I spoke to Shawn to and told him that i don't feel safe driving my truck anymore.

  • Jun 10, 2018

In 2017 i had my 01 Tahoe trans mission rebuilt, they charged me over $2000to put a Z pack in my tahoe. It was not leaking just slipping due to a bad planitery gear in the trans. I picked the truck up after they finished. I took it back to them 3 times about the leak, It never stopped they said the new front seals are made different and it should just stop. I go back to them due to the leak getting bad now . I have until August until the year warranty is up. My truck is at the cottman in Atlanta on cobb parkway now about the leak. The cottman store in Spartanburg said they are not going to warranty my trans now so its on me to fix it. I am a Disabled Veteran that used the cottman service on my truck. This is how you treat the people that protect you?

  • Mar 16, 2017

I had a pcp part install in my car at Cottman transmission but it's still not working right.

  • Dec 23, 2016

Cottman Transmission Cotton Transmissions Cottman transmission rebuilt my transmission. Only to have it break again. I called them and the location is out of business. So I have the vehicle towed to another shop, a small independent shop. They tore it apart and told me that old used parts were used by Cottman. As a matter of fact, they couldn't used my transmission to rebuild. I called corporate headquarters and the told me to bring it to another Cottman Franchise...right! To rip me off again? Like I'm gonna tow it all over 2 counties? I'm not done with Cottman headquarters, They knew I can't tow the vehicle around. I will be talking to a attorney. Cottman Transmission does not stand behind there dealers! All they know how to do is "charge".

  • Jun 9, 2016

I had my car at a transmission shop and as I called around to find the more affordable option I ran across Cottman Transmission. I called them they then quoted me a specific price which I was happy with, a free tow to there shop and free diagnostic check. After my car arrived I went to Cottman to put 1000$ down on the balance, I did not need to seeing how the diagnostic was free and they said I didn't have to pay till the job was completely done. The agree on price was 3600$ minus 1000$ left a balance of 2600$. Cottman then called me a few days later after they found the problem, it was a clutch drum and it cost 1200$. They then said I needed to pay for it and it would be added to my balance, even though that should of been part of my free diagnostic check. I told then I couldn't afford it and to stop working on my car. They then returned my car with the transmission in boxes sitting on my trunk and refused to return my 1000$ saying it paid for the work they had did. Then only work they did was locate the problem which should of been part of the free diagnostic. They returned my car in worse shape then I had given it to them and stole my 1000$.

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