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Cosmetic Laser Only

Country United States
State Alaska
Phone 201-775-9996

Cosmetic Laser Only Reviews

  • Oct 31, 2016


We requested they giveus a free estimate prior to finding all these terrible reviews! They basically sold off teh parts to our equipment and when we called the police it falls under a civil matter!

Since they are master con artists they work with multipe web sites and names. They are currently working out of a suite in Medley using the name Cosmetic Lasers Only.- among other names.

Their address and phone number are below:

12601 NW 115 Ave Suite 101

Medley Fl 33178

  • May 20, 2016

A well-known scum artist, fraudster extraordinaire Sam Lehrer has partnered with other unsavory characters of the same ilk to continue defrauding doctors across the country and outside of it.

After his lastest scum outfit Offlease Lasers got busted, Mr. Lehrer of FL has partnered with Mike Moreno of NJ and Justin M. Williams of TX to continue defrauding clients from 3 new websites:

He's using Mr.Moreno's NJ address to lure clients into purchasing or servicing their equipment. The only thing that is 100% guaranteed is that YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY, YOU WILL SPEND COUNTLESS HOURS ON THE PHONE AND EMAIL to get it back, and every excuse imaginable will be given to you.

Beware, and run away from these people as far as you can.

I am a doctor and had been defrauded by 2 of these parasites.

One of them (Mr.Williwams) had finally been arrested (he defrauded clients in paintings), while Mr.Lehrer is under FL DA investigation. Mr.Moreno acts as a front for these scumbags and doesn't have any equipment or service dept. Buyer beware!

  • Oct 31, 2016

RUN ! These people are thieves!

They are using multiple names and sites. We read your review and decided to go pick up our equipment instead of repairing it They basically sold off teh parts. We called teh police however it is a "civil matter".

They are now operating out of Medley.

12601 NW 115 Ave Suite 101

Medley Fl 33178

Using phone number 213-266-5450

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