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  • Oct 27, 2017

I have been a paid member of this forum for more than a decade.

This on line forum started as a information exchange that seemed to work. Over time it appears to have become a complaint box for any operation that does not advertise with this corvetteforum, more like an extortion operation. When I found three companies, that I have been doing business with, with complaints against and then I began to do some investigating.

Of the complaints filed within the forum against these three companies, not one person attached to those complaints could be identified, no paperwork by these companies matched any of the complaints, the corvetteforum refused to aid in any identification to any person making a complaint or any proof that business between parties actually occurred. If the complaints were real and the person could be contacted , then a resolution for the matter could follow.

Expanding the investigation to other complaints against other companies found the same pattern: all nameless, no substance , just 'say so'. There were no invoices, proof of order, proof of defect, third party professional assessment, return of item, any complaint filed with any consumer agency governmental or private such as the BBB. Most of these complaints appear to be manufactured.

Since anyone can join this forum free, without any personal information showing on their posts, anyone can sign up any number of times. There is a good argument that many of these complainers do not exist as a real person.

Over the months of investigating only four people were tracked to complaints; of these three never bought anything or had any contact with the companies they posted complaints about, they were asked to post complaints by other members of the "forum community" ; the forth bought a used part from a recycler which was shipped to him for inspection prior to him paying for it. He did pay for it after a week. He later returned it only because his installer would not install a used part. He was returned funds in full for the part. His complaint was extensive defamation because he also wanted his $11.00 return freight back.

Therein the extortion elevator has no bottom floor.

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