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Corvette Mods

Country United States
State Texas
City Fort Worth
Address 110 Aviator Dr
Phone 888-784-6921

Corvette Mods Reviews

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  • Apr 24, 2018

Corvett Mods I purchased a car cover for my 1980 Corvette. it cost a bit more because i ordered it with a drivers door zipper. once the new one came in I realized there was no zippered door. I called them up on 4/2/2018, customer service would not answer the phone for three days. so I would call the sales order line and oh yes of course they would answer. i explained my problem and they said you will have to wait for them to call you, they said you must leave a message. well i did that 5 times in the first three days. On 4/4/2018 i called again and someone finely answered. They said you will have to wait until the company they got the cover from calls back to verify its defected. they did want photos which I did supply. i asked why is it my problem who you get the item from. the picture clearly shows there is no zippered door. they said that's the way it works! They are always very nasty on the phone making it very clear i am a big inconvenience to them. God forbid it was an actual questionable return. People would be waiting months just to see if they would even accept the return.DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! Still can't get confirmation that the car cover will be replaced even though they know they sent me the wrong one.

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  • Mar 27, 2017

I placed an order for Corvette wheels at Modern Gen Auto for $1129.97 That order was diverted to Corvette Mods without my knowledge, a deplorable company, they have 38 complaints filed at the Better Business Bureau, one I refuse to do business with. This is a bait and switch scheme to continue sales at Corvette Mods. I'm contacting theTexas State Attorney Generals office on fraud charges.

The first woman that I spoke to was evasive and tried to divert our conversation from me trying to cancel my order. She put me on hold for quite awhile, then returned and said it would be 3/5 days before it could be processed. I demanded my order be canceled. She said I would be notified. I immediately contacted PayPal and filed a complaint.I was assigned a case number and was assured the payment would be withheld. As soon as I ended my call with PalPal I received a call from a woman trying to convince me she was from Modern Gen Auto, yet her phone number identified her with Corvette Mod. She was caught in many lies trying to convince me to let the order go forward. This is bait and switch.

In my opinion Corvette Mods has a bad reputation based on the Corvette forums and blogs that I have read.

Beware of both of these companies.

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  • Apr 17, 2020

Ordered a part from Corvette Mods but they never shipped it. PayPal accepted a tracking number Corvette Mods provided, which went to a differant zip code and would not refund my money. The package associated with the tracking number weighed about 1 pound according to the post office... I ordered a 25 pound part and lost about $700.00 in the process. How they manage to hold onto a PayPal account I don't know. Read their reviews online... it's bad.

  • Jan 28, 2020

I placed an order and after several weeks of waiting I called to check on order. They said it had not shipped yet and they were not sure when it would. So I canceled the order over the phone. A week later I get a notification that order shipped. I sent an email telling CM that order will be refused and returned. It was.

I notified credit card company and got a refund. Now these criminals are trying to collect for the order claiming it was not returned. Told them to look at UPS tracking that clearly showed it returned to their shipping dock. Now they are harassing me every day for payment.


  • Dec 14, 2019

This online store is a scam. They only have an anwering service which only forwards messages via Email to a service dept. 3-5 days to process and ten 10 days to ship. 10 days later I keep getting emails that say the part is coming but no refund.

If you say you have the part in stock but you refuse to send it, that is fraud! no one will tell you who is in charge. Total sham job!

  • Sep 2, 2019

I recently purchased a Z06 replacement grille for my C7 which CorvetteMods advertised as an "OEM part direct from GM" at a cost of $649.99. When the "OEM part" was received it was actually an aftermarket knock off which goes for $100 - 120 on Ebay.

This was and is a total rip off by Mr. Neal H. Balogs company! After several calls and emails to CorvetteMods there has been zero response so I am preparing a complaint with the consumer fraud division of the secretary of state, the FTC(since this is internet fraud) and the better business bureau. Stay away from this company, really bad business

  • Jul 2, 2019

I ordered a part that was in stock from Corvette Mods. My debit card was immediately debited for the full purchase amount upon completing the transaction. However, one week later, my order had not been processed or shipped. When I contacted through email and the phone, I was told, it would be a week or more before it was processed and shipped.

The next day, June 27th, I cancelled the order and requested a refund. I followed up with a phone call to "Richard" at customer service line. He told me it would be sent to the order department and taken care of. Three days later it was still not cancelled nr my money refunded. When I stated I would report it to BBB and TX State Attorney General, they responded and said no need to contact anyone, they are working on getting my order cancelled and money back.

Today, July 2, 2019, I receive an email that the order is cancelled, but then given a tracking # to track order. I have not received a refund as of yet. Previously, I had encountered a similar situation with Corvette Mods, but they refunded the money without this issue. It seems like a con to debit someone's account without shipping the order. I have not had this happen at any other places I purchase parts for my car.

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