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Correctional Reception Center

Country United States
State Ohio
City Orient
Address 11271 State Rte 762
Phone 614-877-2441

Correctional Reception Center Reviews

  • Dec 25, 2017

This entity terminated me without cause and has yet to provide back pay or any additional compensation for its wrong doing. This entity targeted me following many grievances filed and complaints bringing awareness to its supervision staff's wanton acts. In no way does this entity want public awareness brought to light relative to its illegal deliberate acts and certainly no to its appropriate resolution of matters brought to the forefront. The issue of no cause termination has been founded, unemployment was received, however no efforts to remedy the wrong doing has taken place and no one person with this entity or the 1199 SEIU 1199 Ohio will address the issues. A public employee is said to have a right to her civil position, benefits and wages, this is NOT true obviously. This entity was unsafe and participating in wrongful ill actions related to employees and patients. Being an advocate cost me my job and severe injury and hardship. Given no stress to resolve the multitude of issues of concern, ensuring the public is aware ultimately had to be done.

Wage and hour lawsuit was filed against this entity where LPNs were reimbursed but RNs were not for clear collective bargaining contract violations, staff were being forced to work beyond scheduled hours and without consent, unwarranted disciplines without evidentiary support existed, intimidation, coercion, harassment, hostile working environment, retaliation were evident routinely scythe entity. All instances of wrong doing was reported and swept under the rug with intervention or address. Shameful! The public can make there own judgement complaints and grievances filed can be provided if necessary.

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