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Corporate Client Services

Country United States
State Florida
City Boynton Beach
Address 1880 N Congress Ave Ste 211
Phone (888) 773-3199

Corporate Client Services Reviews

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  • Mar 17, 2019

Corporate client services Will approach you when you are in a cash advance situation that may be strenuous on your business. They will offer to negotiate the terms of your loan they will instruct you to block your account and that they will communicate and negotiate with your lender for you. In my situation I was paying on deck over $2000 a week they instructed me to block ondeck and referr all communication to CCS. I then sent 670 a week to a escrow account .

When the escrow builds up it could be used to settle with ondeck. Problem is each month as you pay the escrow, corporate client services will siphon 80 to 90% of the money out of the escrow disguised as fees. After about year when on deck decides to take legal action and take you to court because nobody's been communicating with them there will be no money left in the escrow to negotiate with ondeck. Corporate client services basically steals this money and does no work.

Do not I repeat Do not use any of these services to negotiate your cash advance you are better off going directly to ondeck like I had to do anyway and make an arrangement yourself now im just out of $30000 and still paying ondeck $2033 a month even less than the 670 i was paying CCS.

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  • Feb 27, 2024

Bobby from will harass the hell out of you for years and years.

Every day this idiot rings my cell phone using a different caller ID (so you can't stop his abuse.) I am being domestically terrorized by this jack#@$ss and it is relentless. What a loser. He is very unprofessional. He talks like he never took a basic class in phone ettiquette.

If I could legally punch him in the nose I would. I've tried everything to get him to stop calling me. I think this is just a scam company trying to steal financial information from people.

  • Jul 29, 2021

I would not recommend using this company. I had $46,600.00 in debt that they said they could get reduced by 30-50%. They gave me a proposal that looked good in the beginning. But at the end of there 60 weekly program of paying nearly $600.00 per week and paying them nearly $12,000.00 in fee's, a total amount of $34,700.00. They told me I was going to have to come up with another $7,600.00 to settle all the debt.

So in the end I paid them $12,000.00 to save me about 3,300.00 or about 7% of what I owed.

They make you think they are helping you but are actually just as crooked as the companies they say they are helping you with. In the end I could have negotiated a better deal myself without getting ripped of for another $12,000.00

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