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Corporate Cleaning Solution LLC

Country United States
State Michigan
City Lansing
Address 3110 Ellen Ave
Phone 1 517-894-8458

Corporate Cleaning Solution LLC Reviews

  • Sep 3, 2019

In the world of business and subcontracting, you tend to find yourself in much of a "pickle" when it comes to getting paid. This was a very large mistake on our end for staffing/providing the workers for a company called "Corporate Cleaning Solution, LLC". This is a company that is providing Cleaning services for Commercial Properties/Apartment Buildings. This company was paying our staff according to the Units completed. (No hourly wage).

We decided to go on the journey with the failing company in order to help them grow (as this is our model "To Empower Businesses"). We were apprached by the owner of this "fine" establishment Mr. John Wilson. He mentioned "We are not getting paid by the properties so we cannot afford to pay you right now". Given the business relationship we have believe we had formed with John Wilson over the last few months, we dicided to keep staffing his business (Without pay) in order to keep his business up and running.

We trusted that John was being completely honest with us as we were the reason for his 90% growth the last 9 months. We then continued without pay until he provided us a written check for "$2,000" (Just enough to pay our staff that last 2 week period). He was at that time negative with us "$13,580". We then paid the employees with that "$2,000". A week had past after that "$2,000" check deposit and we recieved a call from the bank stating that "The check had bounced the account due to insufficient funds".

At this time we immediately got in touch with John and he stated that there were "some factoring issues and his account was negative $18,000". (We did not believe this). We then continued to do work for him until he was able to make that initial payment of "$2,000" in cash to our Field Manager. (Keep in mind he was still negative "$11,580" with us) Come to find out, he was paid for each of these properties and had simply refused to make payment to us.

We confronted John on this where he then posted a facebook review on our facebook page stating "I do not recommend as a staffing agency or as a company. this company is responsible for our company corporate cleaning solution LLC losing a half a dozen accounts due to poor service poor leadership and lack of professionalism work with them at your own risk" As this review is completely false and we provided the exact oposite of said quality service.

We began to get fustrated because at this point we knew he was intentially frauding us with making payments this entire time. We confronted him once more to warn him that this is false slander and he can be potentially sued. He then went on about how he is hiring two new staffing agencies to replace us (without paying us). This has concluded our contact and it seems he will not be paying us unless legal action is taken. We do not have the budget for lawyers at this time so we are just looking for business community support to help us stop this Fraud in its place. Thank you for listening.

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