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Copper Tree

Country United States
State Oklahoma
City Bartlesville
Address 2629 Mountain Rd

Copper Tree Reviews

  • May 15, 2023

This review and report is specifically not authorized to be viewed in or accessed by any person located in the State of Oklahoma. These scam artists work from a corrupt small town in Oklahoma where they have hoodwinked the people into believing they are some sort of multimillioniare philanthropic people when really they are nothing but wolves in sheepskins. They suckered us into selling our home and moving to Oklahoma, where there is nothing but abject poverty all over Bartlesville Oklahoma, where they have there seat of power as they have fleeced so many investors through what we can count are 10's upon 10's of different schemes.

We were lured to Oklahoma by false promises and exegerated claims. They used the Great Seal of the State of California and the US department of energy claimining they were the only ones authorized to use both and that they had contracts with the federal government and an exculsive contract to secure the energy grid here in california. None of it was true and we are now working with the California Attorney General to have them criminally prosecuted for felony crimes, claiming a partnership with the State of California were none existed.

They promised us $12,000 in relocation assistance and demanded we turn over via contract $20,000 of assistance from the economic development authority, promising us a stipend of $5,000 every year towards our home, in the name of an LLC they controlled.

We come to find out everything they said was a lie. Cynthia Blanchard is Anthem Blanchard's wife, though she is roughly 40 years older than he is, which is strange considering they are connected according to federal lawsuits with a multiple convicted pedophile indicted in the bitclub bitcoin ponzi scam. We also learned the home they gave us a tour of and bragged about is only worth about $550,000 that they stole with money from their partner Chad Koehn. We learned Chad Koehn was fined and permanently disbarred from investment management by the Securities Investment Regulation Industry Standards board.

Cynthia is obviously the leader and Anthem is often so high on meth or crack or something he hardly can speak correctly. We were really duped by these two con artists and now we know why the company Hera Soft is a total figment of their imagination. It has no technology and even any technology we were to offer to it would go wasted as they had no interest in actually running a company, only interest in raising money or taking money from the government.

Now that we have moved in with my wifes parents to rebuild our lives from the horrid experience in Oklahoma, we feel it is correct to warn the rest of the world as to what these two con artists are up to, which is no good and horrible financial ruin for anyone that gets involved with them.

My wife's parents hired a private investigator who found that Cynthia Blanchard is actually Cynthia D. French who has multiple BANKRUPTCIES, and many failed marriages, she is approximately 74 years old, though appears to be even older when sighted due to extensive plastic surgeries. Cynthia D. French is also listed on multiple governmental warning sights as being involved in scams against the government from Chapel Hill NC to Nashville TN and Los Angeles California.

Anthem Hayek Blanchard is what he goes by claims to be the only son of a billioniare who adopted him and left him his fortune, a common story that con artists use, Anthem is no different than the average con artist, except he has much less substance than a con artist that at least makes you feel ok about being duped. The fact we were duped by this drug fueled mainiac says alot already. Cynthia looks the part of a injected up old hag who is controlling a boy less than half her age. Its strange cause there is a federal court case accusing their business partner Chad Koehn of being a pedophile and in business with this Bitclub guy Russell Medlin who happens to be a multiple time convicted pedophile, in prison in Asia for paid sex with minor children.

We wonder if Cynthia is the rare female predator pedophile and this is how she wound up with Anthem who she keeps all doped up on meth or crack or something, he is generally incoherent more than half the time.

Not only did these two wannabee crypto frauds claim to be in business with our State government here in California but they claimed to have exclusive contracts with the US Department of Energy, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, they claimed to be put up for the National Medal of Honor for their heroic efforts to thwart ransom ware and claimed to have contracts with foreign governments and soveriegns claiming foreign precious metals crypto currencies backed by the EU central bank. None of it is true, every statement they made publicly and privately is a figment of their imagination. The people in the little town they are located in lapped up every word like it was truth from the almighty. In fact the Ecnomic Development people repeated often the lies they told, its no wonder cause we learned the guy running the economic development was fired by the OSU alumni board for stealing from them. No wonder he wound up in a defunct little town schilling these scammers lies.

We finally realized how bad it was when they would not even put up for a $1,345 server that could have generated the code to make maybe half of their pipe dream crazy ideas a reality. They had no interest, as they are just about splitting the booty they steal with their partner Chad Koehn who is permanently banned as a stock broker for his part in their scam. The thing is the government claims Chad Koehn invested $1.450 milion in the Blanchard scam, the Blanchard claim Chad Koehn invested more than $20 million in their companies and that they are legit with a massive international conglomorate.

Only thing we have found is Cynthia Blanchard also known as Cynthia French has multiple Bankruptcies failed marriages, dead exhusbands, probably same as her boy toy Anthem 30 years younger than she.

We now have discovered these two dumb twits have convinced this tiny town in Northern Oklahoma, where this review and posting is specifically not directed nor authorized to be viewed by anyone in Oklahoma, as Cynthia often bragged she had another ex employee thrown in prison and killed for speaking out about their scam, she often threatens the power she yeilds in this tiny Oklahoma town. Claiming she has dirt on the judges, on the elected officials and they will do her bidding at every turn.

Now these twits have convinced some used car sales men to turn over the Price Tower a landmark to them for no money, yet the used car salesmen is on the radio claiming the Blanchard people promised to infuse more than $20 million into the building and the Blanchard people claim to have purchased the building for the debt on the building that newspapers say is more than half a million, but thats not true either cause the transfer paper work to the Blanchard company Greeen Copper Holdings is for less than $101 according to public records our Attorney General obtained.

These people belong in a prison cell along with every dirty politician and crooked nonprofit business person in the tiny town they are fueling with their ill gotten gains.

They destroyed our lives and we are finding out they leave a trail of dead bodies and destoyed lives everywhere they go. We may be down because of their deceit but we certainly are not out of the fight to see these two flim flam artists in prison for the rest of their lives.

Call your attorney general demand action and put these two scammers in prison.

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