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Contento NYC

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 88 E. 111th st.
Phone (646) 410-0111

Contento NYC Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2022

Made reservations for Peruvian independence day celebration.

Reservation was made more than 3 weeks in advance. We were looking forward to it since we have dined there before and thought the food was semi authentic (very pricey, but worth it at that point).

When my wife arrived they sat her at the bar. When I arrived (early FYI), they told us we were not to be dining at a table and we would be served at the bar. This is unacceptable. When asked why, they told us they had a "bigger party coming in" and no table was available. I doubt that "party" reserved so much in advance.

When restaurants start showing preferential treatment to younger, "hipper" or wealthier crowds, you can tell the place is rotten from the core and they do not care about their long term customers. All they care about is making the place "trendy" so they can overcharge and join the little bougy restaurant club.

A simple explanation would have sufficed at the time of reserving.

  • Jul 28, 2022

Have been dining here since they opened (they don't even remember us despite being open for a short time, whatever).We made a reservation quite in advance to celebrate Peru's independence day (this is a semi peruvian food restaurant near our home).

My wife arrived first, she was sitting at the bar, we thought we were waiting for an actual table (which, again we RESERVED, with anticipation). She was told they would not be giving us a table because there was a "larger party" coming in. They offered to "serve" us at the tiny bar or give us an outside table (in the scorching humid heat). We sat up and left. Never going back there.

The food is overpriced (but most NYC restaurants overpriced their food even more after the pandemic to make profit, it's almost impossible to go out in Manhattan now without breaking the bank). But the unfortunate thing with this restaurant is that they are so desperate to make it "trendy", prefering younger, noisier crowds who post inflated instagram photos and reviews, that they forget to cater to actual paying customers that would have been loyal if treated like human beings.

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