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Construction Consulting & Design

Country United States
State Florida
City Fort Lauderdale
Address 1700 E Sunrise Blvd. Suite 1501
Phone 1 (561) 670-0411

Construction Consulting & Design Reviews

  • Jan 7, 2022

It is our hope that by landing on this, you are doing your due dilligence about Daniel "Danny" Grafman, an unlicensed contractor running a company he calls "Construction & Design Consulting", before deciding on whether you hire him for your job. We did not do that and we got totally screwed by him so we are hoping to pay it forward and help you to avoid making the biggest mistake of your life by hiring him or believing a word he says.

We hired Daniel "Danny" Grafman to renovate our home in October 2021 after he lured us in by telling us:

1. He's licensed with his partner to do contracting work in the state of Florida.

2. He bragged about these multi-million dollar jobs he did and showed us pictures.

3. He will complete our job in 1 month's time.

4. Had 3 huge crews that will "bang this job out like clockwork."

5. He was able to get permits super fast because he has the best connection at the Palm Beach County permitting office. He put permits and building plans and drawings into the contract for a reasonable cost.

All the above was valuable to us and out of the three quotes we got, Daniel or "Danny" as he liked to be called seemed to be the best of the lot.

He asked for 25% up front and progress payments. He coerced us to pay him another 25% after demolition and said he would call everyone off the job if we didn't pay it. Naive and excited to get this house done, we stupidly paid.

He did "bang out" the demo in under a week. But then there were multiple days in which no one showed up the job.

Fast forward to November 2021 - Daniel was nowhere near done the job. Maybe 40% and we'd already paid 50% of the job.

Then he did electrical work and asked us to pay another 20%. And he did his threat of calling all his subtrades odd again. Stupidly, thinking things were getting done, we obliged. Now this time, Daniel said our checks were on hold with his bank and texted me every day to tell me that the check is on hold and if his bank doesn't clear the check, he will call all the subtrades off the job because he cannot pay them. So he told me he would call his bank and cancel the checks if I wire him the money. So I did. But he never cancelled the check and I paid him twice.

What was worse, after the wire... this time hardly anyone showed up to the job and work was done at the slowest pace yet.

Fast forward to December 2021 - Daniel "Danny" Grafman asked for money again. I already paid 80% of the job, yet only about 45% was complete and we were already a month passed the 1-month timeline.

At this point, I was really upset - painting, HVAC, electrical, framing, drywall, etc. not complete and he was telling me that I now have to pay for materials for his labor. Plus we saw limited plans and asked about the permits regularly. Moreover, Daniel "Danny" Grafman included a 15% supervision fee but was never showing up to the job leading to mess up, after mess up, after mess up. His subtrades were totally unqualified and presumably unlicensed for a lot of the work they did.

Now we refused to pay him a cent more until the job reached the 80% completion mark. He agreed to meet us there and not to ask us for money until he got there.

Until he was at 55% and asked us for more money. When we still refused, he got abrasive and started trying to blackmail us with outright lies about our family. He calmed down and said sorry and promised not to ask us for money until he accomplished 80%. Then he got up to 60% and that's where he became very ancy, telling us the price has gone up and now he's at 80%.

At this point, fed up and tired of his swindling game, we asked Daniel "Danny" Grafman to either return us the 20% we overpaid or finish the 80% by a certain date. He chose that latter but when he completed the next 2% (now at 62% completion) a day before the deadline to get to 80%, he became the most abrasive he's ever been.

At this point, we told him he's not to come back to the job because we did some further investigation into the work and realized, but not limited to:

1. He was indeed not licensed to do any of the work he contracted - simple search on the DBPR we wish we knew how to do this in October.

2. He fully and totally broke all 3 air condition units due to not changing the filters regularly and leaving the A/C constantly during construction.

3. He always knew there was mould and instead of remediating it as quoted, he was hiding it.

4. Damaged numerous tiles and up to 20 hardwood planks.

5. He was unable to provide certain permits despite doing some of that work.

6. He had not been paying his subtrades. They came to us later to tell us on record.

Using your friends license to pretend you are licensed is criminal and civil fraud.

Avoid Daniel "Danny" Grafman and any of his associates at all costs. If you encounter him attempting to sell himself or "bid out" your job, report him immediately to DBPR.

A word of caution: Daniel "Danny" Grafman is currently working in South Florida. But he may be moving out of state, especially after being reported as doing unlicensed contracting work in Florida. Laws vary by state. Grafman would tell us he hates Florida and wants to leave. We suspect it's because we are not the only one who has sought to reveal his fraudulent activity. There are a few Daniel "Danny" Grafman's in America. But only one in construction.

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