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Conquest Contractors, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 290 Toland St
Phone 1 415-206-0524

Conquest Contractors, Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 15, 2019

I hired Frank to do contracting work for an apartment. He gave me a low price in the beginning and then I was forced to stay with him because my condo board finally approved his insurance which took months and I had paid him a huge deposit, I wanted him to continue to do the work but it was a nightmare, he wouldnt come most of the time and when he did it was him alone.

He had promised to hire people and 90% of the time it was just him alone doing a whole apartment renovation and he hardly would come and if he did he'd be on the phone a lot of the time. I wanted to hire someone else but he had started so many different things and in his shoddy way that I coudlnt hire someone else unless they wanted to start from scratch and Id have to pay so much more money to undo what he did.

He kept promising that he would finish that week, and this kept going on and on for months which I had no choice to continue with because I was dealing with a personal issue of my own and didnt want to start the whole approval process again with my condo board etc. I kept believing all his lies and exuses and the whole time he kept demanding more payments (my payment to him were more than DOUBLE what he promised upfront), and the whole thing was just a disaster.

I learned many lessons from this situation but STAY AWAY from this contractor. He will promise you the world and then lie nonstop to make you feel sorry for him, with every excuse in the book, and then run away with your money. I wish I fired him months and months before even if I had to lose all the money I paid to him just to keep my sanity.

In the end I lost so much money that he took without delivering (basically stealing) and so much time which also equalled so much money lost in rent (a one bedroom apartment took a year and a half and I still now have to hire someone to fix and finish all his work). I am actually starting a lawsuit against him, and if anyone has had a bad experience with him as well that sees this, please contact me.

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