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  • Nov 8, 2018

I contacted GTL ConnectNetwork, and spoke to a Mr. Vasquez, who stated the $50 that was deposited is not eligible for a refund.... even though the facility transferred the inmate to a different facility, they will not transfer the money for him to use, and they will not refund the money... this is ONLINE THEFT. I don't care what he states is their policy.



  • Feb 8, 2018

On October 26th 2017 my wife and I took my 2004 F150 which I have owned since November of 2004 to Shawnee Mission Ford because of transmission would no longer go into reverse. I had purchased an extended warranty and the process of all this. 1.Ford evaluates the truck to confirm issues and parts that need replaced. 2. Ford then calls the warranty company to notify them of the issues with the truck. 3. Then Ford must Tear Down which in this case the engine and transmission so the warranty companies adjuster can come out to verify Parts needing to be replaced. 4. Once work is verified and improved then they moved forward to fixing the truck. I dropped the truck off on October 26 of 2017 and the truck was not ready to be picked up by me until January 23rd 2018.

I am not a rich man I do not own several vehicles to where I can leave one vehicle in the shop for whatever time maybe necessary. What delayed the process of the truck being completed was the guy in charge Stevie at the time who was handling the repairs on my truck and dealing with Warranty company lied to me and my wife numerous times as he had us believing that the engine and transmission were tore down and they were just waiting on warranty companies adjuster to come out to look things over. He also mentioned that these warranty companies are very slow when it comes you coming out to verify work and that it would take roughly 2 to 3 weeks for them to show up because this is what he has scene from experience in the past dealing with the warranty companies. So giving him the benefit of the doubt I believe the story.

During this process we would call the warranty company and Ford and it seemed that we were always getting contradicting stories. Well the truth came out when another service advisor called to return some of our messages we have been leaving with them about the truck and she stated that the truck had not been touched the engine and transmission or not tore down. To make matters even worse from the day I dropped the truck off, I had been asking Stevie for a loaner vehicle because I had just gotten out of a U-Haul in which total bill was just ungodly. I asked Stevie multiple times for a loaner vehicle and he always told me that there were none available and he would also mentioned the fact that he wasn't sure if the warranty company was going to cover the cost of the vehicle to be loaned out or rent it to me. I I told Stevie several times after attempting to get a loaner vehicle from him, that I spoke with the guy in charge at the warranty company and he said that he would cover the rental bill.

So finally on January 11th of 2018 they finally agreed to get me a rental car from Enterprise. And I do believe, around this time Stevie was fired from the service department and I'm not sure all the details involved. So a few days after being in the rental I got a call from Keisha the service manager stating that the warranty company had been calling them numerous times to make sure that they knew that they were only covering 5 days worth of rental. I told Keisha who she needed to speak with at the warranty company and that I had already spoken to him many weeks prior and he had agreed and told me that he would cover all the rental cost incurred. I also told Keisha when I went to pick up the truck because the rental company was calling me concerned about who was going to pick up the remainder of the tab which was 16 days, I told her to send the entire rental Bill to the rental company because I had spoken with Pat who is in charge at the warranty company who told me that the whole bill would be covered and she responded by saying ok. Well the rental company had been calling me for the past several days because Keisha fail to send the whole bill to the warranty company like I had asked her to do. And she obviously failed to call Pat whom I told her was the person she needed to speak with. Also I had received a call from Stevie and when I got a chance to talk to him he was telling me that there were a lot of parts that were needed that did not come with the engine block from the warranty. He also stated that the work progress on the truck was pretty much at a stop due to the fact that they needed to make sure that I was okay with paying for all the missing bolts and parts new block needed.

So I mention to Stevie why can't you take the parts off the old engine and use them on the new block and that I would pay for a plug because I knew there was one fouled plug Then Stevie proceeded to tell me" well that's what the techs did they use your old engine parts". Honestly by this time I didn't know what to say and you know this guy had me believing earlier in the conversation that I needed to agreed to pay for parts that the truck was missing and the truck was at a standstill on the work progress all the way to telling me that the truck was all put together. Is so not right and again offending to me. Now, I picked the truck up on February 1 of 2018 due to the fact that I was working 12 to 14 hour shifts and the service department would be closed by the time I got back in time. When I picked the truck up that morning they had the fuse panel in the floorboard and some of the plastic trim also in the floorboard of the truck and the housing that goes over the gear shift in my seat and you could tell that they did not bother putting down the paper on the floor or putting the plastic over the seats as they would any other vehicle. Also the left front driver's side tire was almost completely flat and right side passenger front tire was also pretty flat. Where the hell is quality control personnel or a competent person to sign off on the work that is being performed there in the service department.

I felt so offended and discriminated against because of the condition I was given the truck back. And I'm still pretty sick to my stomach that I was treated this way. And every conversation I had with Keisha today she said " you bought a truck with almost 200,000 miles on it what do you expect. "And I proceeded to let her know that I bought the truck back in November of 2004 and because it's an older truck not so pretty looking that you can treat it and the person who owns it in the Lesser manner. So I got them to air up the tires, I put the stuff back together, and I I did take pictures. The truck drove home fine that morning and I was glad to see that I had a truck back that was running good. I went straight home from Ford dealership park the truck. later on that evening I took my wife and my two young children to Lowe's with me to go pick up a washing machine when I pulled into the parking space I put the truck and park and I look down to grab my keys and my wife yelled stop the truck I immediately hit the brakes because I was less than 1 inch from hitting the vehicle parked in front of me because the truck stayed and drive which I did not know at the time of putting it in park. It bothers me so much because not only had i been without this truck for so long and it had been such a burden on me and my family, now I'm without a truck again. And can't get over the fact that a pedestrian could have been at that vehicle putting away their belongings or children could have been walking around that vehicle because if that was the case it would have been a horrible traumatic incident occurred.

I had the warranty company send the tow truck to tow the vehicle back to Ford from Lowe's and because of all this the washing machine became an issue also. We had every intention on bringing that washer home that evening and we did not and we could not. Let me remind you we had been without a washing machine for several days and it took another 3 to get the washing machine delivered to me because I have lost my spot in your delivery line. Anyways Ford received the vehicle they called me the next morning to let me know that the shift cable was broke and the call was from another service advisor I guess by the name of Judy. She proceeded to tell me that the shift cable was broke when I drop the truck off back in October 26th that the text there "tried" to fix the cable. can't quite remember how I responded to that. But I do remember asking her how in the world does a service department only try to fix something and not let the customer know about it and let the customer drive off in a vehicle that has a major part that was only attempted to fix. And to face the liability of the outcome of doing that how could one ignore that fact. Well Judy told me it was my responsibility to pay for the part and the labor of the shift cable. Well since the shift cable broke on me while I was at Lowe's I proceeded to mention to her we drove the truck there to Ford. If I had dropped the truck off with a broken shift cable it would have had to be locked in 1st 2nd or 3rd or drive gear. then how would we have managed to get in a vehicle that was in a forward moving gear also if it were stuck in reverse or Park my question would be the same how is that possible.

Well she stood her ground and put the blame on me for dropping the truck off with a broken shift cable. I told her there's no way I'm paying for that I did not drop the truck off in that condition somebody there had two broken it someway somehow. So then the service manager Keisha called and she proceeded to tell me the same thing that the shift cable was broke when the truck was dropped off and that I am responsible. My wife took the phone and she was so pissed off from thow they were treating us she went off on Keisha. That's when Keisha changed her tune and agreed to cover the cost of the shift cable and the labor. I mentioned to Keisha I am going to need a vehicle to get back and forth from work can I please get a loaner vehicle until the truck is ready and she said just like Stevie did numerous times " I don't have a loaner available right now and we are not going to be able to put you in another rental but if one comes up I will let you know". The truck got towed to Shawnee Mission Ford the evening of February 1 2018 and I was able to pick it up the evening of February 2 2018 it was completed by 2:39 p.m. it may not seem that big a deal 2 anyone else about not having a vehicle for that day on February 2 2018 but for me it was a great big deal after all I have been through.

I picked up the truck around 6 p.m. brought it home and an hour later I went to leave for the store to pick up some items and immediately I noticed the truck was lacking power. I was at a stop sign and when I proceeded to go it would get up to around 10 to 20 miles per hour and you could hear the engine and RPMs were at 3000 RPM I have all this video happened going up hills ,from stops ,and also transmission malfunction light came on and so did the engine failsafe mode light. Yes I pulled over each and every time shut the truck off, wait a few minutes and started it back up to drive off. again to find that this was going to happen every time. I have the truck at home right now not sure the right Avenue to take with this matter I did notify the warranty company of what's going on and spoke with Keisha earlier and I told her how disappointed how angry I am about this whole situation.

I can't remember what I said to her all I remember is she cut me off before I could finish my sentences and I did notify her that the call was being recorded what she was fine with it. I did mention to her that I would want her to have a tow truck come get the truck from my house and take it back to Ford because I did not think it was wise try and drive the truck there for the simple fact that I could ruin the other mechanical components and if it did break down halfway there a tow truck would have to be called regardless.but I don't feel it's my responsibility to have to cover the tow bill on this 1. she denied me the tow truck said she wasn't going to do that and that's when I could not speak to her no more and said goodbye.

  • Feb 8, 2018

UPDATE to connectnetwork RIPPING PEOPLE OFF....I put 20.00 into the debit link account for my son at Winnebago county jail on 1-4-18 and after over 3 weeks he has not been able to use the money I put into his debit link account because Winnebago county jail does NOT offer that program. Why did your web site allow me to put money on an account my son can't even use? I want that 20.00 either refunded or transferred into the phone account so MY 20.00 can be used! I work hard for my money and I will not be ripped off by a facility that works with law I

Enforcement. I was told by the phone customer service there is nothing that can be done and I am out my 20.00? Really? Called connectnetwork on 1-12-18 and again on 1-18-18 and again on 1-22-18 and the last time I was told they will have to investigate MY 20.00 that THEY can clearly see is in the account and will get back to me in 10 business days. Well now it has been well over 10 business days with out hearing ONE word or reply or email. So today I call back on 2-7-18 and now I get told I have to get a copy of my bank statement with a letter head of all my info and fax it into them.... EVEN THOUGH IT CLEARLY SHOWS THIS UNUSED $20.00 SITTING IN THE ACCOUNT. connectnetwork is ripping people off to get rich. They are far from a legit company and we will be hearing soon how they stole millions of dollars from customers and are in a law suit and will be bankrupt and gone with the millions of $$$$ they have stolen from innocent family members trying to pay their bills and taxes while trying to help people they love who are incarcerated. You can get money to your loved ones without being stolen from. Call the facility they are in and use anything BUT this crooked company wants to steal from me and lord knows how many other people. They need to be stopped! Please share!

  • May 16, 2017

I paid $50.00 to have funds put on my husbands phone account at the Yankton Community Work Center. ($47.00 for phone service and $3.00 for service fee). GTL assured me that they received payment, yet my husband DID NOT receive this money. GTL further informed me that if I filed a dispute they would forever ban me from using phone services from GTL to my family member. I was told that I was out the $50.00, that there was nothing they would do to help me figure out what they did with the money once it was in their possission. I will be forwarding all information and resolution to the Governor of the State of South Dakota and the Warden at Mike Durfee State Prison. There are other people who have lost money with GTL and were told they were out of luck, that if they disputed their loss that they would also be banned from ever purchasing fund for their loved phone access.

  • May 1, 2017

They have got my card numbers and charge my credit cards each month for an inmate call system I never signed up for. I have talked to them and asked tem to cance. but they are total criminals and morons. do not use their service.

  • May 4, 2016

First of all anyone reading this get a free google voice phone number in city your inmate is in. It forwards calls to your number free and reduces cost to talk from out of town to facility. I called these theves to discuss calls being terminated due to me supposedly pushing phone buttons beeping on line. That was ******** Then there is the fee to put money on account. Its not bad enough they get 80 cents a minute I placed 100 on account to pay fee once. When I tried to do it again I was limited to 50 dollars! I guess they needed the additional 6.75 for their payoffs to whomever to keep their contract ripping people off. It is almost worth sneaking my family member a cell phone to call me.

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