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Conjured Cardea

Country United States
State Alabama

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  • Aug 7, 2019

Hoodoo Cardea has been Publicly Slandering my name

Hoodoo Cardea is the most evilest woman on this planet. I own a shop on Etsy and last year June, I suddenly got a message from her friends of the so called "Black Magic Coven" telling me I should pay her homage. Well, I thought to myself - who the hell does she think she is? Why should I pay this woman homage just because she thinks she is a self proclaimed Queen of Hoodoo. I ignored this message and then a few weeks afterwards came to see that she had posted a video about me stealing her video's on her Facebook page, on YouTube and Instagram where she publicly bashes me and slanders my name.

You see - the think with Hoodoo Cardea is that she thinks she is the bee's knee's and the beginning and end all to all things. She sells her spells, poultices and so called Hoodoo creations on Etsy under the pretenses of them being curios. This woman does not like competition. She can not stand anyone to be better than her at everything and she will do everything in her power to try to ruin anyone who comes up against her. If you check the internet - you will see how many people claim what a fake she is. She is in this game for money.

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  • May 26, 2018

Contrary to what is stated on the site, Conjured Cardea does not give free consultations, in one word shell tell you what spell to buy. Buy it. Wait. Contrary to what site said she is not waiting for the right astrological phases. Shell do a baninishing spell on a waxing (increasing moon) if it fits with her schedule. You are scheduled for such and such a date. Day or two after such and such a date: Heres a picture of melted candle. She doesnt give much of a report or wax reading. Like shes not finding obvious images or shapes in it shes just like, it looks messy. It will clear up in 5 months. Most of the email is telling you how she prepared the candle. I put black salt around it and dressed it with..I made an offering to..The candle she burned was black but the melted wax picture was maroon (dark red)..? I didnt feel any particular power in it when she was doing it. I dont thinks shes pure enough or powerfull enough to do a cleansing spell, did she fast, (no) does she really have the power to cast off demons? She does not have the power to do what she is selling. Nobody could for anyone and everyone, if they did have the power like a wizard, they would not just sell spells online to anyone or sell them at all. Real powerful people do not market their powers, you cannot find real spellworkers for sale. Charging more or less is not a sign of being real or fake they are all fake if they are charging. If you cannot find someone to help you, you must look within. Yes she will burn a candle. Thats like paying someone 150 to burn a candle. Things even felt worse after she did it. Since I can hear one demon audibly I can tell its still there. I did it for closure..and its the end of that chapter, but after paying for a spell and going through the whole process, it was very impersonal, cold and not worth the money. There was not once that she wrote to me like a real human being. First email naming off the spell, cold, nothing more said, not even a sentance. Second email telling me the date, cold. Just "You are scheduled for..." Third email with reading. I felt jipped. Theres one lady Madame Pamita who will give you a video report and will go around the jar pointing out images left by the wax, nothing of the sort with Conjured Cardea. Madame Pamitas candles dont work either but she did tell the truth..and what she said was accurate. It felt more human. Its just there should be a point where you are human and you speak human with a sort of compassion but Conjured Cardea keeps her distance the whole way through. Im not going to go into nonsense like her oils dont do magic tricks. I never expect oils or bath salts to do things they are good for. Nor am I gonna say, shes white, so shes a fraud or taking from another culture..if she resonates with that..then I have no problem with it..I knew she was white. I thought she was a fat chick from the name but I did not get the impression from her name she was black. I am a paying customer, this is my experience and I can honestly say its not worth the money. None of them are.

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  • Jul 5, 2020

Cardea cash train

I have asked for advise and yes she right away advertises services instead of advice. I have purchased 2 time from her. The first time the candle came quick. I had to do the work and prep for the spell. This time it has been almost 3 weeks and nothing has came in the mail. She has made the statement not to contact her asking about any orders or she will block the i.p. address and refund the order immediately. How rude is that. We are paying customers and have the legal right to know where our payee for items are. I can make the promise to never buy from her again. I think I will get PayPal on her ass to either pay or quit.

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