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Country United States
State California
City Fremont
Address 44201 Nobel Drive
Phone 800-747-0583

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  • May 14, 2016

When I was hired by this company to provide support for Turbo Tax and did so until after April 26 which at the time I worked from home I explained that I am the caretaker for both my disabled husband and my 80 year old mother. In one situation my mother became seriously ill on Sunday May 8 my mother had to be transported to hospital after falling to the floor. I advised my team leader what happened and was told to go ahead no indication that this would become a problem. So I went with my mom to the Emergency Room and upon returning I logged in to finish my shift. On Monday May 9th I logged in to begin work and just 30 minutes into my shift I am told that I am fired. My husband can verify what happened but I was simply told I no longer had a job with them. I did my job well and think it is dirty that they knew from the start that I am a caregiver and was told that just to let them know if something happens. Concentrix Corporation don't give a damned about their employees and during the time with them I have always kept leadership aware of any problems and thus I find it very unfair that I am not given any warnings but rather fired for an emergemcy situation. What was I to do leave my mother on the floor until I got off work?

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  • Feb 23, 2018

Concentrix Holds Grudges

I loved the idea of working from home, especially living in Ga. Traffic can be a bit of a nightmare to put it kindly. My first client was TurboTax and then we quickly jumped into Apple as Product Support. Training was a bust. The instructor had a very strong Canadian accent. He even left early one Saturday to take care of his dog. I suppose his wife couldn't handle that task. Needless to say, I knew more about his hobbies and pastimes than I did my job requirements. I had to purchase my own IPhone just to probably perform tasks to assist customers. So of course when the Class Action Lawsuit came up accusing Concentrix of having employees on the clock with no pay came about. I joined in.. LOL ,after the dust settle, I had a whopping 23.45.. I recently returned fro the field as a FEMA inspector. Figured I'd jump back on the TurboTax wagon since that wasn't as stressful as apple. I passes the assessments but was told I was a no rehire by Jasmine. She said she had no other information but if I knew anyone who was looking work to please forward her information. I think I know why I wasn't rehired even though the class action states its illegal for the company to retaliate.

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  • Aug 10, 2017

I should have known this company was a joke. One of their operations managers by the name of Brittany Harrison was useless. Before our training for the Apple aos (apple online store) began, there was a log in party to get into everything so you were ready on the first day. That log in party was on friday. I got the email from Brittany on Saturday night! Her excuse was oh, there was a mailing list error. You're an ops manager and you cant even get an email list correct?? I was hired for the ios dept, which is tech support for the ios devices. But of course, Concentrix screwed that up as well as about 8 of us on the first day realized we were in aos instead of ios training. So i'm stuck in a dept i wasn't even hired for or wanted, and the trainers that day had no clue.

When we met our actual trainer, she comes out and says oh i've been doing this training position for this dept for 9 years, but its my first day with Concentrix...great, so you have absolutely no clue how this company works, that makes me feel confident in you. It did mess up the training a bit when we asked questions about the company and she had no clue, so we had to wait a day or two until someone else could give her the answer. Then comes grad bay, where you take calls for most of the day, which is pointless, because its basically production work. The customers would say they couldn't hear me, or could barely hear me. My trainer didn't even stop and think, lets check out the systems, she immediately said it was on my end, so i wasted money i didnt really have to buy a new headset. I was forced out of work for 2 days waiting on a new headset from amazon. I get back to work, same thing. She again blames me so i do the same thing, miss more work and pay to order a new headset and this time a new dial pad. I was doing all i can on my end. I called help desk, which is a useless dept, they didn't really do anything but start a ticket and told me to call once i got a new headset and if it happened again. I play this game for 2 weeks running.

In the end, i went through 6 headsets, 2 dialpads and 3 adapters trying to fix the issue. One night when i was taking some calls, I spoke with a team lead that was in my training class. She informed me i was the 3rd person she spoke with that night with the SAME issues...there was only 26 of us online on a friday night. So that tells you the company is noticing its not just me. She admits that Avalon, their old school phone system, is always causing issues with people...Oh and get this, once you're in production, you ONLY get paid when you're logged into Avalon and taking calls! So those hour and half wait times for help desk to finally answer the d**n phone, you dont get paid. You reboot your computer, you dont get paid, you restart avalon, you dont get paid. This exact not getting paid while doing work related tasks is exactly how Kelly Services aka Kelly Connect is in a class action law suit with current and former employees. If you are doing work related tasks, you must get paid for them.

After two weeks of this back and forth, I start emailing my team lead who didnt even care i was gone a lot, people in hr (cause guess what, they also screwed up my pay rate, we will get to that as well) and brittany harrison, the ops manager. Help desk finally made my ticket a priority, and said it should only be a few days. Sucks, but ok, and least it will get resolved and i can get back to work right? WRONG! I was calling out every day for a month and half before finally quitting. They couldn't fire me, since they had no reason, and you also cant fire someone with a disability unless you have real reasons and proof, so they waited me out to finally quit. After hounding people in HR for 3 months and threatening legal action, they magically fixed my pay and gave me the back pay i was legally entitled from back in may. Of course, when i had asked for someone in the legal department before i threatened to get a lawyer, 3 people all refused to give me an email or phone number for anyone in the legal dept. Brittany was so dumb that her reply to me about it was saying that if i was seeking legal representation that concentrix doesn't do that for their employees...How someone that dumb managed to get to an operations manager position is beyond me, my only assumption is not work appropriate. From day one Brittany has excuses, can't do anything right, barely responds to any emails, and when she does bother talking to the employees below her, she has an attitude that we all have noticed and talked about.

Concentrix is by far the worst work at home company I've dealt with. I've been through 5 now, so I'm not new to the whole work at home game. Apple loves to go through companies like Concentrix, Kelly Services/Kelly Connect, Xerox cause its cheaper for them. An actual apple employee working in ios starts at 16 an hour, with these other companies, its 10 or 11..for the exact same training, equipment, everything is the same. Apple really needs to step it up and severely watch the companies they contract out to, because the ones mentioned are all pointless. From team leads on up, its mostly all females, and sadly thats a sign they are going to be useless as an employee. They have been childish, revengeful, inappropriate, and can't even do their jobs correctly.

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