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Comenity Capital Bank

Country United States
State Utah
City Draper
Address 12921 South Vista Station Blvd Suite 400
Phone 1 855-506-2496

Comenity Capital Bank Reviews

  • Sep 17, 2021

My JJill credit card through Comenity Capital bank was paid in full and on time. The following month I received a statement showing no payment had been made and late charges were applied. As required, I wrote the bank with documentation (my canceled check) of payment. The following month same procedure and more late fees. However, I did receive a letter informing me that it could take up to 90 days for them to determine if my claim was valid. Next month another statement and late fee.

I then received a letter from Comenity informing me that they had canceled my credit card due to my credit rating having fallen to 685. It had been 865 before this dispute started. Yesterday I recieved a letter from Comenity in which they wrote "After careful investigation, we have determined that you are not resp9onsible for paying the disputed amount. Please allow one to two billing statements to reflect the adjustment." Unbelievably poor service from a bank.

If they can't keep track of payments and credits, how good is their accounting? No apology for causing my credit rating to go down only for any 'inconvenience' they may have caused. In reply to their letter I plan to enclose my cut up credit card, and a large GFY in red ink across their 'inconvenienced' letter. If you are thinking of acquiring a credit card and it is from Comenity consider yourself warned.

  • Nov 18, 2018

My wife and I were in a jewelry store and were told we qualified for a no interest credit to buy a ring. When we picked the ring up we were told the clerk filled out something wrong so we had to call there finance department to fix the problem.

When we called them they told us they would do an investigation and then they told us not to pay the patment till it was resolved. weeks later we were told that the ring was not enough to qualify for the no interest so instead of a 45.00 dollar a month payment its 4 times that amount.

I am a disabled veteran and can not afford such a high payment. I firmly believe this was a type of bait and switch situation and should be illegal. Mark

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