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Comenity Bank

Country United States
State Ohio
City Columbus
Address P.O. Box 183003
Phone 800-303-1368

Comenity Bank Reviews

  • Jun 15, 2022

Returned large order to Woman Within before end of billing cycle for that month. Comenity started adding a Late Fee charge with the next month's billing and when contacted, sent me a form letter informing that they would investigate which would take up to three months.This is an electronic record of my account and bank advised that charge would continue to accrue interest. My history with this bank has been to maintain a zero balance for several years: invoice in/payment in full out.

A second letter sent after second month of the "investigation" again asking for explanation. Response was another copy of same form letter launching an investigation. Meanwhile, I called the vendor and found that vendor had made error in failing to report one of the items that had been returned. Vendor was to notify Comenity Bank.

Next responses came from three credit reporting agencies all of whom informed me of a adverse action on my credit and a drop in my score from the 800 level. Again, contacted Comenity, again no explanation. Following month, another drop now into the 660 level of credit scoring.

After at least 5 transfers, I spoke with a "Payment Solution Team" member at Comenity and my $23.00 original late fee had blossomed to above $100.00. To pull the plug on the greed, I agreed to pay $29.59 on January 20,2022.

To this date(June 16,2022) Comenity has 1. Not notified credit agencies of resolution, 2. Not sent me a zero balance invoice, 3. imposed the "adverse action" to stay alive on my credit reports for 7 years. All for a charge Comenity Bank imposed that though not warranted, became fraudulent by the bank's failure to act ethically, honestly and appropriately.

  • Apr 12, 2021

I have never been a fan of Comenity Bank. They are not a good lender and they are predators. I had a store card for many years with Comenity. Always paid on time, not one late payment. In August 2020 I paid off the $1800 balance and had a $0 balance. The store charged $19 to my credit card without me knowing – for some sort of “club” in November 2020. I did not receive an email from Comenity that my statement was ready (which I have in the past when it had a balance) and had no reason to even look at that card since I literally just paid it in full.

In March 2021 I get call from an unidentified phone number on my work line (late at night). No message. I google the number to see it is Comenity. I then log into all my store credit card accounts to see why they might be calling me. Well by then they had reported me as 60 days late to all 3 credit bureaus and the $19 charge became $77. I disputed this with them and was ignored. I went to the BBB and the CFC, contacted Comenity to explain what happened and begged them to remove the negative items from my credit report since it plummeted 128 points.

No lender would let a customer go 4 months without paying before contacting them. Not one. They also would not call from an anonymous number and not leave a message and consider that notifying the customer.

Comenity clearly did this on purpose. They could have easily mitigated their damages and mine by simply calling and leaving a message or sending an email that my account needs attention. Only a bank who purposely wants to charge excessive fees and ruin their customer’s credit would do this.

I disputed the negative items on my credit report and was denied. They say the charge is valid and to talk to the store. That was the advice I got in April 2021 for a charge made in November 2020.

Comenity has the power to help me and isn’t. There would be no reason someone would pay off a card two months earlier, then charge $19 and never pay it. It is clear that I did not know, I wasn’t alerted and by the time I was the damage that will impact me for 10 years has already happened.

I paid the $77 and asked them to close my account. I guess they got the last laugh here, but I’m not done with them for sure. This could not possibly be legal and certainly is not ethical.

  • Apr 11, 2021

As of April 7th, 2021, Comenity Bank fraudulently closed my card account without my permission and refused to do anything about it. Reopen my account!

  • Apr 22, 2020

We're here to help you

As the bank that manages your smile generation financial credit card, we want to assure you that comenity capital bank is committed to helping cardholders who may be experiencing hardships due to covid-19. We continue to monitor the situation and are following guidance from public health officials and government agencies in support of our customers, associates and communities.

But when i called to ask if i could only pay the credit amount and not all the fees they said i do not qualify weather im unemployed or not because its current. 820.00 when the credit is only 600 isnot current.

  • Mar 11, 2020

I was told my initial purchase was zero financed 18 months. I paid that in full, and I had a second purchase of $200. I did not know they folded it into the original purchase. I paid the full amount for the initial purchase.

I am now being charged $600 interest for a payment that is 8 days late. I believe I should be charged a late fee and interest on the $144.36. They are insane and disgraceful not to accommodate the issue. Charging interest on promotion paid in full.

  • Jun 6, 2019

Comenity is the credit card company for Pottery Barn. They are deceptive and I believe criminal in their actions.. We ordered some furniture from Pottery Barn in November of 2018 and then when they were unable to deliver it for some time we cancelled the order. I must add we had paperless Comenity Statements.

In January they sent us a notice of late payment. So in late January 2019. I immediately called the credit card company after receiving the late notice and they were great. I explained the situation and they called Pottery Barn and then they credited the purchase of $1500.00 along with ALL the interest and late fees.

Then when I looked at the February statement I had an interest charge of $32.21 on a balance of $177.86 plus the $32.21. I was extremely busy so I sent them $300.00 knowing I would deal with this issue when I had time. Finally in May I spent some time to call them and explain the situation and that there was no way there should be a $32.21 charge in interest on a $177.86 balance.

They said they would put in a dispute and get back to me. Today I called them and was on the phone for over an hour speaking to one employee and then her supervisor. Speaking to the employee today she claims that the interest rate is 28.99% EVERY MONTH! I told her she was incorrect and that would be illegal. She stood by that ridiculous statement.

I asked to be transferred to her supervisor, which I was. He explained to me they were charging me interest on the revolving balance on the returned items because the return credit was not posted until late in January. My point is they admitted the charge and interest was not valid and that is why it was all refunded in January, interest, late fee and purchase price.

They do that and then charge the interest the next month AFTER the money was refunded because I had a balance of $177.86 which triggered the revolving balance interest. Remember the first person told me 28.99% of 177.86 was the $32.21. Poor math for someone working for a bank. However, here's the real kicker, the supervisor said "you already paid it so there is nothing we can do" I did explain that I had been busy and paid it to buy me some time to get to a point where I had time to deal with trying to recoup my lousy 32 dollars. IT'S CRIMINAL.

They should train their people better and they should take better care of their customers. So for $32.00 dollars I will spend any free time I have and find forums to post my experience. I hope it was worth it for them and I hope you all take notice and boycott Comenity and Pottery Barn for their association with Commenity. Please also notice complaints flow into this site almost daily about them. I have a number of cards and never have issues with anyone else. Please avoid them.

  • Nov 8, 2018

This bank is calling me night and day to collect on the accounts of someone whose name I have never heard. I have had my home phone number for five years and it is also on the "Do not call" register. People keep calling me from this bank that has a caller ID in the name of the bank and also calls from "Janesville", "800 Service" "unavailable" , "reader service" and "Unknown."

When I have answered and tried to tell someone that the number is not that of the debtor, I have been given an out of state number and directed to call there, also by robot. Although I have superior credit and my only credit card serviced by this bank is a rarely-used Loft Card that has been paid in full, they keep calling.

I have seen they were the subject of past class acdtion suits. If an attorney wants to add me as a plaintiff to an upcoming class, I am ready to go. As it is, I've contemplated buying a single share of Comenity stock or in the stock of the chain that runs Loft just so I can get up at a shareholder meeting and tear them a new one. I have a seriously injured knee, but when it heals, I intend to make the rounds of the State Senator's office and my Assemblyman. These fraudulent usurers need to stop.

No wonder they are behind in their bills if they cannot even located the debtor but stoop to calling strangers incessantly. If I called with such frequency, I would be arrested for criminal harrassment. If you are considering opening an account with any store that uses this bank to service their loans, do not do it. If you have such a card, cancel it. They will surely make your life a living hell.

  • Jul 18, 2018

I made a big purchase at last year. Merchandise took almost a month to be delivered but sound too good to be true the fact that I could pay in 12 months with no interest. In my last month of payment I was surprised with $541 extra in my statement. I contacted customer service and I was never treated this bad in my whole life. Attendant and supervisor were both extremely unprofessional, rude and none of them were able to work the issue out. I honestly feel like I was pranked. I contacted them again thru facebook messenger, so they opened a ticked and told me that they would get back to me in 2-3 days, it is been a week and guess what? NOTHING! I have seen thousands of 1 star review regarding this company´s policies, how dishonest they are and how bad their customer service is... but I feel sorry for people that will fall in that kind of trap like I did, and I am posting this review here to let people be aware about what kind of company they are dealing with. After looking over 2,000 bad reviews and people telling how scammed they were, I just cannot believe they are still operating.

  • Jul 7, 2018

I would give 0 star if allowed, these guys are complete morons that have not commitment to the customer in the least.

Made a payment by phone and asked for an email confirmation, he would not accept or provide a record of the transaction and stated that my own bank would provide the transaction confirmation. Asked to escalate to a supervisor, he placed me on hold, checked a couple times to see if I would wait it out and then disconnected me.

Avoid this place like the plague!

  • May 25, 2018

My data was breached and I received a phone call from fake representative who used my voice and credit card information to charge thousands of dollars to different phone companies in Florida. I am still trying to clean up the mess. I called Comenity to inform them of what happened and they could care less. They argued with me that it couldn't be through them that the data was breached although the person who called me claimed to be their rep. All they offered to do was to close my cards and reissue new ones. They didn't offer to let others know of the data breach or anything like that.

  • Apr 23, 2018

Can not get through, cannot get an auto system to accept information, custom service always busy, when you can get through, been trying for three weeks to pay by phone. I believe they just do this to get extra lat fees. Be very careful with this bank. when I sell one of my homes in a few months I am paying off all of their credit cards. this guys really do not have a clue.

  • Apr 21, 2018

I carry Debt Cancellation Coverage on my credit accounts to cover my balance in case of a medical emergency. I experienced a medical emergency and attempted to file a Debt Cancellation claim only to find out that Commenity Bank had cancelled my coverage with a third party vendor without notifying me. Therefore, I had no coverage when the medical event took place. Conversations with Commenity Bank customer service representatives resulted in their agents yelling at me that Commenity could not cancel the coverage and later that they had every rigfht to cancel the coverage. Needless to say, Commenity Bank has put me in a horrible position that will have long-term negatrive repercussions on my credit.

  • Mar 20, 2018

Hi there. Brutal!!! Comenity Bank that represented as "Hot Topic Guest List Credit Card" charging you $27 late fee if pay one day or more late. They said OK for me over the phone but still charged me a fee, later they also charged another one, waived one (waiving one late fee for 18 months). For example, you spent $100 and paid late, they will still charge you $27 late fee (which is minimum in that case) Rip Off Alert!!!!!!!

  • Mar 16, 2018

In November I was watching a live broadcast of Home Shopping Network and an HP laptop computer for about $430.00. I ordered online and selected the 1 year no interest promotion that they were advertising and charged it to my HSN private label credit card through Comenity Bank. I contacted them in January when I saw on my statement that I was being charged interest. They put my inquiry in dispute. It took almost 2 months for a reply. I reached out to them twice they would reply by email they were still researching. I received a response yesterday and was told that this computer was not being offered by the promotional financing. I replied back insisting that it was offered and that I was going to just pay off the balance within 30 days and close my account. I received a reply today asking me to call them at 1-888--724-6649 as soon as possible. I replied to them that I have wasted enough time on this issue basically calling me a liar. I am just going to pay off the account and closing the account. I want everyone to beware how Comenity Bank does business with the HSN card.

  • Mar 11, 2018

In July 2017, I opened a Comenity – Cost Plus World Market MasterCard, also doing business as Comenity Capital Bank at PO BOX 182620, Columbus, Ohio 43218-2620. This account was opened with the intention of purchasing furniture at World Market and utilizing their 12-months same as cash advertised promotion.

In August 2017, I received my first statement from Comenity. No where on this statement was a problem indicated. In that same month, I set up the online account management tool on the Comenity website, and set up paperless statements, electronic delivery and automatic monthly payments.

Over the course of the next six months, Comenity continued to draft automatic payments from my checking account. Unbeknownst to me, Comenity also closed the account and removed the promotion during this time frame. After checking my February statement, I realized the 12 months same as cash offer was gone. A call to Comenity bank led to the disclosure by them that not only had the promotion been removed, but the account had been closed in September as well.

The explanation offered to me for the account closure was that it was due to “fraud”. However, I was never contacted at the time about this alleged “fraud”, and no one over the phone was able to explain to me why exactly the decision was made. Comenity stated they sent a letter, but no such letter was ever delivered, either electronically or through the postal service.

As a result, my credit now shows that an account was closed by the lender. Comenity refused to reinstate the 12-months same as cash offer, saying that too much time had elapsed. Again, no one attempted to contact me by phone in September and I received no letter stating that the promotion was terminated and account subsequently closed.

I am very disappointed in the level of service provided by Comenity Capital Bank, and frankly am disappointed with Cost Plus/World Market as well. The decision to partner with Comenity, who clearly employs suspect and potentially illegal credit practices, demonstrates that neither company has the best interest of their customers at heart. I would strongly recommend against any credit program administered by Comenity Bank and Comenity Capital Bank, as their customer experience skills are lacking and their internal procedures are poorly managed, at best.

To rectify this, Comenity Bank can re-open my account and replace the 12 months same as cash offer. A simple solution that no one on their customer service team seems to have the authority to execute. Avoid this company at all costs.

  • Feb 26, 2018

About 2 weeks ago I received a letter from Comenity bank for my mother. I read it, not recognizing the bank name, plus they were asking for her social security number for their records. It explained that they handle her credit card from Steinbach, and if she didn't send the social, they will continue to keep her account closed. Well, there is 2 things wrong with that. If they did their research as I did on the company, they would know that Steinbach( they even spelled the name wrong-Steinback) has been out of business since 1999. Also, my mother has been deceased for almost 5 years. Oh well, I guess they're going to keep the account closed.

This is a warning to others about Comenity Bank's fraudulent practises. If anyone gets a similar letter from them, before you respond to them, do your homework. They are trying to get money by reopening defunct store credit cards, and trying to get socials from unaware victims.

  • Jan 9, 2018

I ordered for the first time several items from Haband and sent a check in full immediately to Haband inwarren New Jersey.

Hello they cashed the check immediately electronically and it was on my monthly bank statement. several months later I began getting bills with high interest demanding money from a place called Comenity bank . I had never heard of them. I looked up their phone number on the net.i called them the man said he would investigate it I never heard from him . this began July of 2017 I kept getting more bills each one larger with interest I called Haband along with my son and got no where with them . by December they started to call on the phone, became very testy to both me and my son . in Jan of 2018 the calls got more frequent .

one when I was driving, on Saturdays, after business hours and on sunday. i have all my mailed records. I mailed copies to them to prove I paid, they demanded copies of my check which the bank did not have because they cashed it electronically . the bank gave me a document proving they got the money . I mailed all these to them and they never acknowledged anything. finally I SENT this to the attorney general's office in New Mexico for some kind of help.

  • Oct 16, 2017

Heere is my case:

In early 2016 I came across Glenridge Capital, an international (supposed) investment firm, who said that their way of invensing could and did produce very substantial returns. They ould direct me by phone n making the various and specific "investments" using their website, the money would be invested for 90 days, and would be available afterwards. They said I should use as much of my available credit on my credit cards, as the return would outpace even the cards' hith (25-30%) interest.

So using two cards, one was a Capital Onne credit card and the other a VISA card issued by Comenity Bank, I "purchased" an "investment account" and proceded as they directed. In order to open said account, I had to furnish certain documents to them, which as far as I knew was standard procedure for such operations.

Wen the account matured on schedule, the return on the amount invested was actually not profitable, according to their final figurres. I was aware that there would be some losses, but was told they would be otweighed by those that gained. All that aside, when I attempted to withdraw the remaining listed money, I could not. This was true even after numerous attempts to reach them, and repeatedly trying to contact their tech support. It was then that I filed my first dispute with the redit card companies.

Capital One found in my favor, quickly cancelled the debt, and settled with me satisfactorily. Comenity did not, but found in favor of Glenridge. After almost a year (and paying on the Comenity issued card faithfully all that time) I had spent trying to contact Glenridge by phone and email, and getting only occasional responses, I filed my second complaint with Comenity. As to my contacts with Glenridge, they had boiled down to this, I was locked out of their site, at first because of my complaint, and then because (as they claimed) they didn't have the money but rather because Comenity had it. Comenity stated that it was Glenridge hat had the money.

By that point, it had becom obvious to me that Glenridge was nothing but a very elaborate scam operation. I did not get the "product" from them (an investment account) for which I had originally contracted, via credit card. I got nothing, ten or now. And that constitutes fraud by any reasonable person's definition. And i was unable to retrieve the moneyeither direcly or by any other means, as i only had the ability and/or knowledge to do so through the credit card company.

All semantics and technical points aside, the bottom line is that, for whatever reason or excuse, Comenity has again continued to side with the crooks. Simply put, Comenity Bank insists I owe them the entire R$8,000 charge, less the $2047.25 already paid to them.

  • Aug 30, 2017

Comenity Bank!!! Began December 2015. No ending date as of August 28, 2017. Missed payment for December 2015. Balance on account was$800--- January 2016 received first deceiving telephone call. Comenity Bank asked and for and received a $89---- payment. February 2016 Comenity Bank asked for a $300---- payment. I sent $25---- payment. Then the brutal war began!!! Threatening telephone calls any time of the day or night. In April 2016, my Lane Bryant account was shut down and payments were not allowed. In April of 2016, Comenity Bank started their mob tactics. I was slammed with fees and penalties I did not know existed. Interest rate doubled or tripled. As of August 28, 2017, my new balance is $2,299.51. Why???? Will the judicial system believe my side of this nightmare ???? Stillman Law Offices is now suing me because Comenity Bank is their client. Both of these businesses are partners in crime. Why was this entire financial dishonesty allowed to happen in America???? Will the judicial system protect me and get these thieves out of my life???? Thanks. Renee

  • Jun 8, 2017

I have 2 cards through this company but I have only had a problem with one particular merchandizer, Lane Bryant. I set up my account for automatic billpay, which they stated came back "closed account", they then charged me returned payment fees, late payment fees and reported me to collection for 30-60 day late payment, when I had already solved the issues, which was repeatedly their error. They then closed my account, reported that to the credit bureaus and LIED TO ME about it even after I showed them my copy of my credit report. This is being disputed with the credit bureaus and credit karma. Thank you.

  • Feb 20, 2017

I will NEVER get a credit card or buy from a company that utilizes their services ever again. I have no problem with a creditor contacting me when I owe them money. I do however have a huge problem when they call twelve times a day and threaten me. I have told them numerous times that my circumstances have changed and I will not have the money to start paying until April 2017. Their response...... up their calls from three (I have three cards with them. Guess they are incapable of making one phone call for all three cards) to over 12 a day. As far as I'm concerned this is harassment. As for the question "How likely are you to recommend this business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague?".... I will do everything in my power to persuade my friend to NOT use this company.

  • Feb 6, 2017

I made a $21.58 purchase at Peebles just before Thanksgiving, 2016. Apparently, though I don't remember requesting it, my account was changed to "paperless". Receiving a paper bill is the prompt I rely on to make payment on credit card bills. As I did not get a paper bill, plus the holiday season, I completely forgot about the purchase.

Today, I received a recorded phone call stating that my account was overdue and that I owed $71.74 to Comenity Bank. Puzzled, I immediately went online to find out what was going on - not remembering the purchase until I pulled up my account. I found that a late fee of $21.58 - 100% of the original charge was placed on my account on January 2, 1017 and a $1.00 "minimum charge" placed on my account on January 6, 2017.

Then on February 2, 2017 a second late fee of $26.58 charged with another $1.00 "minimum charge" put on my account on February 3, 2017.

After making sure enough time went by to help themselves to $50.16 in penalties ....they finally got around to calling me about my delinquent account this morning.

In two months, Comenity has assessed over 200% in fees on my original $21.58 purchase! That amounts to 1200% interest per year.

This is no way to treat any customer. I am a prompt payer, paying the bills on the day they arrive and have never before been late on a payment to them.

I paid the Comenity extortion money but they have lost me as a customer forever.

Words cannot express the contempt and disgust I have for this bank.

It is obvious that instead of notifying me in a timely manner as any REPUTABLE bank would, Comenity timed the call to make sure that another month of fees and charges would accrue just prior to contacting me. Despicable policy.

  • Jan 25, 2017

I went to a dental office for services.My bill exceeded my dental plan,so I was offered Smile Generation,to cover the excess amount thru Comenity Bank.This was one of the worst mistakes of my life,when I financed these excess charges.I paid my bill to Comenity Bank,and was $1.00 short of the payment due,because I thought it was actually the amount I owed,these people charged me a late fee of $35,and when I called to inquire about removal of the fee,the manager became irate.How does this relate to a late fee?,it was not late,it was an error.

I paid my bill this month,and was charged another late fee,because they posted my payment a day late.I called and spoke to a rude supervisor,she refused to reverse the fee.The website is almost impossible to access.I have been paying these people for a year,and was told that at the end of the year interest would be added,and the amount that I orginally owed would be the same,because of the added interest.Is this a ripoff,yes it is..These people intent is to steal from consumers.Avoid this bank,like a plague,because that is what they are.

  • Jan 25, 2017

I was checking through my credit report today and saw something unusual. I had missed payments on something and I haven't missed a payment before. I checked to see what it was and kept researching boom, this bank decided to make a fake account under my information. Now, I have never been to Ohio once in my life and I haven't opened up an account with this company before. In fact, this is my first time hearing about them. I'm really aggravated on how this negatively affected my credit score and added to my debt.

  • Jan 24, 2017

I was looking for a particular type of shirt i needed for work.I googled guayabera shirt Haband came up and went to the site and found the shirts very reasonably priced.

I was able to open a credit account with them so I ordered 8 of the shirts. When they came in they were not WHITE they were tan almost a beige color. So i returned the shirts with UPS and provided Haband with the tracking number from UPS. I called Haband to explain why i am returning the shirts and the customer service rep advised that the account will be credited the amount to the account.

They offered free shipping and handling so once the return was received there should be a zero balance. OH NO.. now they are telling me i owe them $113.72 because i didn't pay the 40$ that was billed to the account for shipping and handling. That is including the shipping and handling, the 2x late fees and additional charges?

of which NO one can tell me what they are for.. How you charge someone additional shipping and handling for merchandise that they sent out WRONG!! I am not paying this account and i will dispute it for the next 7 yrs. They are not even attempting to fix their error!!!

They transfer you to COMMUNITY Bank im assuming they are the credit card company and they are pointless and a waste of time.If you have a choice please stay clear of either one of these companies..

  • Dec 19, 2016

I got my monthly statement in the mail for a Gander Mountain Credit Card. I followed the terms that were outlined carefully to get no interest for 6 months on one item, no interest for 9 months on several items, and no interest for 12 months on another item. the first month went off without a hitch. The second month's statement arrived and they tried to charge me interest. I called to dispte the charges and a disinterested customer service rep said she would file the complaint and do interest would be due on the dispted claim in the interim. I was not satisfied with this answer so I went back to the Gander Mountain store in Merrillville, Indiana wher I'd bought several guns and had a clerk go over the terms for interest free periods with me again just to be sure I was clear and to also get him on a recording laying out the terms as they were explained to me. I asked to speak to a manager.

A manager spoke with me and explained that whatever results were reached by Comenity Bank was their decision and had nothing to do with Gander Mountain. I explained to her that I never even wanted a credit card. I just came in to buy a gun and the salesperson offered to apply instantly for one and the interest free period that goes along with it. That is why I had one. I also explained that the credit card has Gander Mountain's name and logo all over the front of it, I got it at a Gander Mountain store, and I was encouraged to get one by a Gander Mountain representative wearing a Gander Mountain polo shirt and name tag behind the Gander Mountain gun counter. This same company representative also spelled out the terms of the credit card. She offered to help at this point.

I recorded the manager agreeing with me that all the terms were met for the promotional zero interest time period and even pointed out the zero interest banner at the top of the monthly statement. She called Comenity Bank customer service and said she saw all monthly statements, all receipts for payments that were verified by the following months' statements, and the interest charge should be taken off.

After a lengthy hold, the customer service rep came back online and agreed to take all the interest charges off.

This bank is pulling this stunt during the middle of the christmas season when most people just run up charges to get by until January. I caught it and called them on it. If they are trying this with me then they are trying to get over on a lot of other people too.

  • Dec 15, 2016

This company provides credit cards service for Virgin American. Virgin American signs up a credit card. The bank doesn't send cards to you, then doesn't send statments. About 2 months later a collection person says you owe them for a annual fee, penalties, late fees about 2 months worth.

When you explain you never received a card, or statements, they say it doesn't matter pay the annual fees, penalties etc. worth over $129 dollars (plus or minus) I was to mad to hear the exact amount. Then they will send you the card.

Of course no option to reverse charges, etc.

Operaters sound like they are in a boiler room, and talk to you like nice mafia. Pretending they can't do anything for you, but want their fees, penalties, etc.

When you ask them for your address they can't find your account.

Very much like a scam outfit.

Yet, I can't believe Virgin Ameiran would do business with this bank.

  • Oct 8, 2016

This company has some of the worst customer service. I have called in and had the reps argue with me and tell me things and then they do not happen. I more recently was told fees would be removed, which they were, and then added right back on without my knowledge. Additionally, they will not send me my statements and have refused to help me everytime I call them.

  • Jan 6, 2016

I placed an order with Haband for some items I saw in a mailing and the woman who took my order told me I had an account with Haband would I like to use it. I agreed and actually thought I would get a bill from Haband. I got a bill from Comenity which I had never heard of before. By the time I figured out and wrote a check.I may have been late by a few days,

I waited to see if there would be a bill the next month with a zero balance, but there was a $35,00 late fee and a small interest charge. The following month there was another late fee and some additional interest.

I started to get phone calls and at first I told them I did not have an account with a bank called comenity. The collector was calling it Hayband and I knew it as huhband. Anyway I told her I would not pay them and I wanted to call the store. I have not been able to reach anyone at the store and they said I had to call comenity.

I get calls almost every hour and when I pick up the phone there is no one on the line. after 5 to 10 seconds I just hang up or if I am driving or in meetings I just don't answer . I never signed an agreement with that bank. I would not have as I have other credit cards. I noticed a 20 point drop in my Discover card credit info and I have no other possible explanation excopt comenity.

I will never again order from Haband unless somebody straghtens out this issue.

  • Dec 30, 2015

Well i have a marathon gas credit card issued by comenity bank of columbus ohio. it is too bad they gave it to me not only do they charge usuary interest i was a fraud victim it is entirely their fault used card at 2 marathons in kissimmee fl and $500 in fraudulant charges appeared these companies are crooks id theives. put skimmers on the gas pump then had their crook buddy charge my card 5 times 99.87 or so. may be in league with mafia,cartel or red mafia. dont ever get a cc with comenity bank or do business with them. i am an id theft victim because of them. they didnt do s* when i contacted the fraud dept. treats customers like crap. why did not the security dept of the bank alert me to these bogus charges. well have to spend $2000 of my own money to try to straighten this out dont got no lifelock insurance. going to have to declare bankrupt and live in the woods. thanks comenity bank. bi*es.

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