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COIT Services, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Fort Lauderdale
Address 5501 NW 22nd Avenue
Phone 954486-0900

COIT Services, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 1, 2017

We contacted COIT about repairing and cleaning our carpets as we were placing our home for sale and moving out of state. A COIT representative came out to our home. measured and gave us a written estimate for these services. We advised the rep that we were relocating out of state and not in the house at the time of service. For this reason, we needed them to perform the work as the home was listed for sale and showings were scheduled later in the week. The rep claimed it would not be an issue. While en route to our new home in NC, I called COIT to confirm the services were rendered. What I found was that NOTHING had be done. According to COIT, the rep made a bad judgement call and guaranteed a service that could not be completed by the tech. So, the tech showed up, decided he couldn't do the repairs and left without cleaning the carpets either. It took 3 hours and multiple supervisors and managers to FINALLY have someone go back out the property to at least clean the carpets. Because we had booked 2 services, yet only 1 could be done (depsite the guarantee from their sales rep). we were then billed for their minimum cost (about 50% more than the original quote) because we didnt have the other service completed. My real estate agent checked our property the next day to ensure the carpets looked clean and said the COIT team had done a terrible job with carpets still dirty AND trash left on the property. So, here I am, driving out of state and feeling confident that COIT is going to repair our carpets and clean them so the house is show-ready for potential buyers. At the end of the day, I am left with filthy, torn carpets and garbage left by the COIT staff. Unfortunately, being out of state there was absolutely nothing I could do. I wish I called ANYONE but COIT... very unreliable. And the extra cost on top of it all is just disgusting. So unprofessional... would not recommend COIT to anyone.

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