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Country United States
State California
City City of Industry
Address 16839 Gale Ave #207
Phone 626-213-4363

Cointime Reviews

  • Feb 20, 2018

Used me to write articles for their website without pay then dismissed me as a candidate for a writing position. At the interview, instead of going based off of my resume and portfolio of writing materials, they requested that I write an article for them, 500-750 words. It was stellar! I’m a 4.0 english honors student and I know that I did a great job. They required that I make changes to it, which does not make sense because one can determine based off of my portfolio, resume, interview and article submission, whether I’m qualified for the job or not. Instead of making changes to the article that I submitted for their consideration, they asked

that I write a completely different one altogether about a new cryptocurrency coin that was about to launch their initial coin offering in less than 24 hours. When I declined to do this part they rejected me as a candidate. I feel used and based on the amount of people that submitted their resume on indeed, the website most likely has a free collection of content they can post by requesting that every candidate write articles "for their consideration” without pay. Candidates beware, do not write for them because you will not be paid for it, and their are other ways to see whether or not you’re a great writer.

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