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Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address Casey drive
Phone 1 702-841-5951

CoinsPeso Reviews

  • Jul 15, 2020

I bought 7 silver eagles that are minted in china and they sold them as .999 U.S. real silver coins at around 18 dollars. They are located in las vegas and shipping took almost 30 days STAY AWAY THIS COMPANY SELLS COUNTERFEIT COINS WHICH IS ILLEGAL AND THEY USE USPS TO SHIP FROM CHINA BY USING JET SHIPPING.

they sell coins made of metal plated to "look" like real ones but stick a magnet to them and WOW fake. I filed reports with secret service, sheriffs office, and BBB beware they do not answer the phone this needs to be investigated ASAP! by the FEDS

  • Jul 9, 2020

This company offered, online, 2020 Silver Eagles in uncirculated condition for above the spot price of silver so I bought 100. They took 17 days to arrive, which was way longer than they told me on the phone. When they arrived each coin was in a plastic case, inside a baggie marked "made in China". So I emailed (no answer on the phone) and asked why. The response was that they ran out of their US stock and had to get it from their Chinese stock. But then I weighed and measured the coins and low-and-behold, their counterfeit. The weight is only 29 grams where it sould be 31 and their diameter is 2 1/2 mm short.

They sent "Proof" coins which would, if legit, be about 4 times the price. Their silver content, at this point is unknown.

The company hasn't responded to my request for a return and refund, both by email and by phone.

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