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CoinBigONE, Inc.

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1 573 222 0008

CoinBigONE, Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 16, 2022

Typical Asian woman "wrong number" scam that my sibling fell for, and I was a sucker to follow along. Hopefully this will end this scam business as the hosting company in Lithuania won't take the site down.

My sibling went through the vetting stages and ended up investing money into this exchange. They allowed him to take small withdrawals to show legitimacy when they a bunch of scammers.

He ended up taking trades with them, which at the end, we realized that those quick gains were just manipulations of their own charting platform. When you wanted to withdraw, they would threaten to end the opportunity and that it would effect the whole group. Lies!

To withdraw, they're making a false claim that they need to have USDT sent to this unknown crypto address to pay for "Singapore taxes to their tax authority". Needless to say, Singapore's IRAS (equal to USA's IRS) said "nope" that is untrue and fraudulent. Of course, they wouldn't do anything about it either which surprises me regarding Singapore law.

When we demanded to get some money out, they gave us a trade, ran the market against us, and put us down to zero in the accounts, with the contact (named Lina). Then she acted like she lost too, and then when I started pushing back, they locked me out of my account. She also threatened us.

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