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Coinbase, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 548 Market St #23008

Coinbase, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 17, 2022

Coinbase has horrible security that lets scammers in to steal all of your money avoid Coinbase at all costs or you will have all your money stolen I have several financial apps on my phone and only Coinbase was easily hacked nothing else was hacked in my entire catalog only week security Coinbase they transferred my Shibu Inu crypto into bitcoin and transferred it out in three separate transactions that were never reported to me.

The transfer of my crypto to bitcoin was never reported to me they attempted to withdraw $100 out of my PayPal account and buy crypto and send that out but I reported the fraud to PayPal and they stopped Coinbase from withdrawing money illegally out of my account immediately. Coinbase should be removed from all financial institutions, they are a scammer's best friend

  • Jan 12, 2022


I set up an online trading acct. with coin base because i wanted to trade crypto . i did some research first to see what was out there i made the mistake of picking COINBASE. i set up an account finally after a lengthly process and only started wiyth $100.00 just to make sure that they are legit, i made only 1 trade .

Well there are not legit, they lost my acct info and could not find my only trade for some shibu ino, they said i never opend an acct, i got pissed off. and am not WARNING EVERYBODY THAT ThEY ARE CROOKED BASTURDS and need to be shut down.

do not deal with thyem you have been warned.

  • Oct 3, 2021

On 7-15-21, my Coinbase account was hacked and all of my Bitcoin stolen, valued at $2,413.39. On 7-16-21 my bank was carged a total of $750 in three instalments in a row from Coinbase. There are now over 6000 reports of this same type of theft occuring between March and May of 2021.

Coinbase denies any repsnsibility.

  • Sep 28, 2021

I bought crypto currency from Coinbase in August 2020. Coinbase hacked my account and bought and sold Bitcoin with my money. They have now held my crypto currency hostage until I pay them for the money due on my account. They say I owe them $3000 for the Bitcoin transactions that THEY bought and sold. THEY hacked my account. I have complained to the SEC. The SEC needs to shut them down.

  • Aug 22, 2021

There is no personal support. Unless your problem is specifically listed in their hundred(s) of support web pages, you are out of luck. I'm unable to install a two-factor authenticator or security key with any of the 3 computers I normally use. This means I am completly locked out of a sizable amount of crypto, unable to transfer any of it to a useable, more secure wallet.

  • Aug 2, 2021

What happened is that I was owing them money ($2000 to be exact) NOT that I wanted to be bad and not pay, but because my bank account got shut down so Coinbase apparently wasn't able to withdraw that money. Rightfully they froze my account and gave me 5 days to repay. By the end of those 5 days, they were going to take the Cryptocurrencies I bought of the same value and transfer it to themselves.

What happened is I was very busy so I logged in when there were 24 hours left and I tried to deposit money. They had a "Make a Payment" button where I only had the option to pay with crypto currency, nothing else. As you can see in one of the screenshots the customer support team lies to me saying that I can pay via bank account, but that's simply not true. I can only pay with crypto which at the time was 40-50% down because there was a significant market downturn.

It was clear to me that I wasn't going to get a resolution within that small time frame of just 24 hours so I accepted the fact that Coinbase was going to get their money from me at a loss of 40-50%. My goal was to have them refund that Crypto they took and just let me repay the $2000 with cash which I do have. It's a really simple resolution.

However, that never happened. I have a whole chain of emails with them leading to nowhere.

As you can see it's their platform's fault that they didn't let me deposit any new money. It just doesn't make sense - they want a debt to be repaid but don't accept money. One of their customer representatives told me I have 3 options to pay, but in reality 2 of them didn't work and the last one was to sell my crypto at 40-50% loss. If this is not their platform's fault, I don't know what is. Even worse, after that their support team completely ignores you and CLOSE the case on you (case #06899209).

I even wrote a lengthy post on Reddit explaining my situation and hoping to get a resolution. Someone pretending to be a person from their customer support team messaged me and tried to scam me, but his trick didn't work. So yes guys this is what one has to go through to get a resolution to their problem. I still have NOT received ANY resolution.

  • Apr 27, 2021

Opened an Account with Coinbase after doing a bit of research on the Web about them Started with very small Deposit, under $ 100. Bought Bitcoin (BTC) and stored it on the Coinbase site.

After I got a hardware wallet (Ledger Nano s and X), decide to move my Cryptos off Coinbase and store on the wallets. Moved my $ 100 worth of Bitcoin no issues. Decided to buy a larger quantity, this time $ 1,200, and sign up for Recurring Purchase

Offer that promised a Bonus. After a couple weeks, went to move my Bitcoin off Coinbase and into my Ledger device. Coinbase put me through a week of Identity Verifications. I had to send the ID Verifyication three times. They sent me an email and said "Case Closed", and Disabled my Account.

My Bitcoin Never Arrived. When I sent them an email, they responded, Case # XXXXXX is Closed. My Question is this, how many others have been RIPPED OFF BY COINBASE

Let's Start a Class Action Lawsuit!

  • Apr 25, 2021

I had $1000 in bitcoin from since 2018, and tried to sell as it is now 5200 dollars, it shows my amount, but when I go to try and sell, it says zero own.

Filed a complaint via their help center on April 6 and agian 4/26/21 and no one has reached out to assist.

  • Apr 16, 2021

I sold some Bitcoin on 3/9/21 and to date today 4/17/21 they have not put the money into my bank account. I have filled out the information they have on their complaint form 3 different times and no response or received my money into my account at my bank which they have all the information. It's the same account I have used to buy various crypto on many times over the years.

I need a legal firm to contact myself and others experiencing this rip off! Now that they are a public company I would think the SEC would act on this! There is no one to talk to or corespond with at Coinbase!

  • Jan 22, 2021

Over $500,000.00 was stolen from my Coinbase account 3 months ago.

For more than a month Coinbase was misleading me by saying that someone ​stole my API key,​ created by me on July, 2018 to access my account and withdrew all the funds. But my API key has following permissions: “read”, “create”, “delete” account. It means if someone access to my account with my API key, he will not be able to trade (buy/sell) and withdraw at all (these buttons are inactive). I sent my API key with my permissions to Coinbase and asked them:

How could someone trade and withdraw about 80 times in only three hours if icons are inactive? Or why Coinbase did not stop this action and block my account?

Coinbase did not respond to me. I opened Dispute (#03781413) with Coinbase and they supposed to write me in 2 weeks, but it is about a month I did not get from them any explanation.

Coinbase increased my withdrawal limit from $150,000.00 to $400,000.00 without my request. And I got approval-email after my account was robbed completely.

How could Coinbase approve such a high limit without my request when I remember that I could not get an approval even for $250.000? Coinbase lied to me when saying they got request from me but they could not to prove it so far.

For your information: if someone is stealing your money, he will never send any request because to get approval he must verify his location, 2FA phone, send a link for a LinkedIn account, send a Bank Statement and it takes about 2-4 days. I asked Coinbase send me all verifications for that request, but they could not provide me with any.

Coinbase deleted activity records from my account for the date of the robbery (IP access).

I can see that someone converted all my funds to 972 ETH and withdrew all of them. 25 times withdrawal was cancelled because it exceeds the $400,000 limit but still could withdraw $100,000 above that limit.

I remember I could not withdraw even $300 above the limit.

On my Transactions data Page I could see that someone did about 80 transactions from a Bogon (hidden, invalid) IP but in my Portfolio Coinbase deleted all unauthorized transactions on blockchain. But somehow they left 3 transactions only and I could see the funds were sent to the UK. Coinbase knows I'm a resident of the USA, I transferred all my money from the US Bank and I linked in Coinbase a US Bank Account only. How could Coinbase let someone send over half millions $$$ to the UK hidden way (smuggled out)? When I asked Coinbase about it, they deleted those 3 transactions also.

Even my 2FA Authenticator is enabled on my phone all these transactions were without 2FA confirmation, only Coinbase could disable that function. All transactions were without email-withdrawal notification (Coinbase turned off that function as well).

P.S. I notified Mr. Brian Armstrong (Co-Founder) & Mrs. Alesia Haas (Chief Financial Officer) regarding all above in emails but no response so far.

What kind of Company is this if the employees are stealing money from the users and they do not do anything?

Coinbase is responsible for a full refund because in the Coinbase Insurance Policy it is written: the insurance policy covers any losses from Coinbase’s hot storage resulting from a breach of Coinbase's physical security, cyber security, or by employee theft.

But they do not follow their own rules and do not want to give me a refund. If Coinbase don’t want to solve this case I need a hire Fraud Crypto Lawyer and sue Coinbase.

  • Jul 31, 2020

To set up account they asked for my bank and user name and password! With this information, they could empty my bank account! Do Not Trust Them!

  • May 13, 2020

A fake person caled me back after I called the Coinbase phone number and sent my crypto currency offsite. He stated he was from Coinbase and was very knowledgeable of the coinbase site. I never gave this person my phone number and he stole my money. I believe Coinbase was negligent for not having safe measures in this site and I lost well over a $1050 in this transaction.

  • Mar 18, 2020

Coinbase Cost me over $10,000.00 in losses from blocking me from trading MID TRADE. I had a feeling it was going to dump, so I dropped a large bag of XRP at .30 cents - it dropped to .20 cents - I went to jump back in and my account was frozen from trading.

Then I get an email saying my account is under review? Then two weeks later they will not give me any reason, any info, anything at all. They told me cost me $10k and I want to file a lawsuit. san francisco

  • Jun 10, 2019

Coinbase has ripped me off - they won't let me log into my account. I changed my phone number and don't remember the old one so they refuse to recover my account even though I used the right username and password and have a new phone number. Their so called account recovery is completely worthless and a sham.

They are despicable - I have lost all the money I had in my account with them which I badly need. I have been trying to resolve this for many months - their customer support is as worthless as it gets. Do yourself a favor and stay far, far away from them. They are as no good as they come.

It's true that they have a very user friendly website, but if you lose all your money you'll find out how much that is worth. Why they are not regulated by the federal government to protect people is beyond me.

  • Oct 22, 2018

I wanted to pay someone with bitcoin and the site indicated I could buy bitcoin from them and have instant access to it. After going through all their steps of ID verification, etc, I transfered $800 from my bank - their "preferred method".

After they took my money, they put my bitcoin on a 30 day hold and now just increased to a 65 day hold. I asked for my money back and the support person said she didn't know if they could do anything and submitted a ticket which I got a copy of saying tickets take 5 - 7 days to get a response.

This company is a fraud - they are keeping my money and not giving it back orr letting me use the bitcoin. DO NOT ever do business with this company.

  • May 7, 2018

Coinbase has over $1000 of my money. I have in writing multiple times that they own me money, but they refuse to refund my money.

So far I have 36 combined emails and phone calls. They have "escalated" my case since mid February...we are now approaching mid-May.

Find another service.

  • Jan 27, 2018

I wired $5000 to Coinbase on Dec 26. Up until today (Jan 26), it never credited to my account. I sent multiple emails only to get automated reply. I called them, and waited for 90 mins without talking to any humans. I submitted IMAD reference number so they can trace that my money has been deposited to their account. I created case number #3570552 and #3166859. However, no one from Coinbase is helping me or even trying to help me. The money is just gone. This is a pure fraud!!

  • Jan 11, 2018

So singing up is seamless. Nice graph and easy to read graphics. Just downloaded a copy of my driving license front and back....booom my identity was accepted. Now to link my bank account so I just did a debit. Mmmm my bank is Mutual bank but is shows First and Third etc. I thought strange. Anyways after a week a made a few buck just to check out this site so I though I would cash out so I put some in my USD wallet easy no problem.

The problem is Trust me.....they dont want to wire it or put it in your bank account. I have to once again verify my Identity (even though I already have to purchase), and the link the account to my bank again.

Well I have spent a good 6 hours taking my license photo over and over and lownloading it only for it not to be accepted even though it was fine the first time. Then my bank wont show up on their list. The Mutual that does show up wants me to log in...I tried several times using my personal bank info to log in (even though I didnt want too really), and it said twice my log in was wrong. Now I know its not. Is that recorded I wonder??

All help messages are cookie cutter type drop down messages with no real help on the other end. I have tried calling customer cant get any help WITHDRAWING any money its all pre recorded and then shuts down.

I am still attempting to contact someone and may have to contact my own bank to try help me.

Good luck trying to withdraw your money. I wouldnt put too much in there. If I cant speak to a live person withing a few mintues then forget it.

its now been 27.37 minutes on hold waiting for someone to pick up and talk to me.

  • Dec 27, 2017

Coinbase uses a third-party entity to verify its customers' identity. I was originally verified, but now they won't confirm my identity, so I can't buy or sell currency or even get access to my money to close my account. I am filing a complaint with the FTC and my state attorney general.

  • Dec 20, 2017

I sent a wire in the amount of $5,000 to the company, Coinbase (their bank Merchant Commerical received the wire) in order to purchase some crypocurrencies from my Bank of America on 12/4/17. Coinbase sent me an email stating, they were rejecting my wire and returning my funds to my bank due to my last name not matching their records. My Bank of America account still bears my previous last name of (Hanserd). My last name was change in October of 2012 to Cromwell, after I got remarried and I never updated my Bank of America account.

I had made multiple debit transfers from this account to Coinbase successful so it didnt occur to me that if I decided to pay the additional fee for an overnight wire transfer ($30) in order to utilize the Coinbase exchange to purchase cryptocurrencies that it would be issue. I contacted Coinbase through email on 12/5/17 and was told by Harrison (customer service rep) that the funds would be sent back to me in a few days but could take up to 7 days.

I contacted Coinbase again on 12/14/17 regarding this issue of not receiving the wire back and I have yet to here from them. I tried calling their corporate office by phone (888-908-7930) on Thursday, December 14th and 15th only to get no one on the phone. When you call their number a recording comes on that saids their call volumne is too high and to call back then it hangs up. It doesnt allow customers to leave a message.

I contacted Coinbases bank, Merchant Commercial Bank, to whom the wire was sent to on Coinbase behalf per Coinbase wiring instrustions and they told me that the wire was indeed received and deposited into Coinbase account. But that they could not return it to my bank until Coinbase advised them to do so. I also had my bank, Bank of America, to submit a request to Merchant Commercial Bank (Coinbase banking institution) on 12/14/17. I still haven't heard anything.

  • Dec 6, 2017

Coinbase made an unapproved withdrawal of funds ($945) from my bank account and showed NO corresponding purchase of digital currency in my account with them. Then, to add further cost and loss to me, they arbitrarily cancelled a purchase of Bitcoin that i made in November, but waited 6 days before advising me of the cancellation, costing me approximately $2,000 in the appreciation of Bitcoin. They accept no reaponsibility for any of it, and they still hold my funds. Pretty much a straight up case of theft.

  • Nov 6, 2017

I checked my bank account the morning of 11/4/2017, to see if the refund from coinbase was there. Only to find out that instead of refunding me $200.00 they withdrew a total amount of $553.06 from my checking account. I called my bank and told them what had happened and that the copany apparently was a fraud and that they were not to get my money. The bank personal asked me how I figured outthat the company was a fraud and I explained to her that it was to be a refund and instead it was showing withdraws of a total amount of $553.06. Needless to say my account will be refunded all the money by midnight on Monday the 6th of November. Do not trust these people at all. They are scamming people and lying to people to get your information and steal your money.

  • Oct 10, 2017

I have been trying for an entire month trying to get my funds out of this crooked Company and al am getting is stall tactics and the run-around. Told me to verify my acct several times which has everything to do with them, because I could never verify no matter what I do. I have sent in drivers lic, photo,selfie, and live cam and still get the BS run around "can;t verify ...while and losing money. And they tell me to transfer to another coinbase customer to get my funds???????Why would I want to even go back in there BS Co? I just want my money and move away from these crooks.

  • Jun 10, 2017

Coinbase will do everything to steal your Bitcoin Wallet. I have a account since 2014 that I forgot my password to. They have a 2 step process to verify my account. The phone number that I originally had linked to my account I no longer had. It took weeks of sending emails to explain my issue. There is no phone number or anyway to contact a live person. All computer generated responses and then they respond that it takes up to 72 hours for a response do to high volume. Then they have a secondary system to identify your ID. THIS I HAVE SPENT OVER 5 weeks to try and verify my ID. IT ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT WORK. I HVE SENT LITERALLY 100 emails to support requesting for someone to call me. I hve over $20000 in bitcoin in this wallet. They are stealing my money. No where to call or speak to a real person. STAY AWAY FROM COINBASE.

  • May 17, 2017

When I went online to the Coinbase site to login and access my wallet I was told I had entered a invalid PW (even though I'm certain it was correct) and on attempting to reset my PW was told a reset link would be sent to my email address. No such link was sent even after multiple requests over the past week.

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