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Cohesive Artist Management

Country United States
State Ohio
City Cincinnati
Phone 785-979-3784

Cohesive Artist Management Reviews

  • Nov 19, 2015

I join Indie on the Move ( a couple months ago, after a friend of mine tells me that it is a very good and free resource for artists to book shows without having to pull an arm and a leg. To my dismay, most booking inquiries seem a little fishy, with many of the booking agents already been on rip off report, but I come across an ad posted by an agent who goes by the name of "Cohesive Booking" about playing at an "epic dive bar" in the city that I am located at. I look up the bar and from their website, it looks legit--it seemed like a very cool venue to play. I myself am from Cincinnati and it reminded me of some of the venues we have back home.

I contract Cohesive Booking, and book a slot. The guy, Andy Smith, tells me that he is an independent booking agent based off of Cincinnati (I live in Nashville, and the venue was in Nashville) and tells me that because he's going through such trouble to book me, I have to pay him 15 dollars to even confirm my spot. So I assume it wasn't confirmed, so when I later (and I got back to him within 48 hours) find out that I can't make that date, I let him know, and he goes off on me very unprofessionally and tells me that I wasted his time, etc and that he had already had me booked. I didn't pay him, or was sure about PAYING TO PLAY.

A few weeks later, I see another ad posted by him for the same venue. I had just been screwed over by Afton Shows and I was desperate to book something for the month of October. So I contact Andy and I book a time and a date, and pay him 15 dollars through pay pal.

Springwater Supper Club, the venue he was booking for turned out to be the most disgusting, trashy, unprofessional bar. We got there an hour before our set, as Andy instructed, only to wait 2 hours for the sound guy to show up. The sound guy, who we had to PAY OUT, barely did anything, the EQ was way off ,we had a bad show, and not only that but we didn't get paid because it was a pay by the draw show. I had to pay out my musicians out of my own pocket.

I don't know why Andy Smith, Cohesive Booking, whomever you want to refer to him as would even make a contract booking for a club that's this trashy and sketchy, but I just needed to submit a rip off report because I think, like Afton Shows and many other PAY FOR PLAY companies, his name should be on here as well, to warn anyone in the future to not mess with him. He does not care about how your show goes, he will even stop responding to you once he gets paid and then give you false details on the bill. If you run into Cohesive Booking/Andy Smith, stay far far away...he is just a young kid in a small city in Ohio who has no idea of the music industry who PREYS on artists for a quick buck.

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