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Cohen Rabin Stine Schumann LLP

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 38th floor of 7 Times Square
Phone (212) 512-0801

Cohen Rabin Stine Schumann LLP Reviews

  • Jun 30, 2016

Several years back as I was beginning the corrupt nightmare of the NY Family Court System, I went to Cohen, Rabin, Stine and Schumann for advice (hearing they were the best). My wealthy ex was asking for a ridiculous amount of child support from me so I sat with the head of the firm (Harriet Newman Cohen) to understand what could be done. She did inform me that the NY Family Courts were very broken and incredibly dysfunctional (which I have found out to be true 100 times over), but that given my situation (my ex’s worth and the time I spent with my daughter) my ex’s demands were outrageous.

For a retainer of $25,000, Cohen said she would be able to negotiate that amount down considerably to a much fairer monthly payment. I gave them the money and waited, and waited and waited. My ex is rich, white and smart which in NY Family Court means you get your way (as told to me by a Family Court official off-line), and Cohen, Rabin, Stine and Schumann were not prepared for this at all. Weeks went by, I barely heard from them. When I did get through I was told my ex won’t negotiate, screams, yells, curses and hangs up on them. “Ok, what next?” I would ask “surely you have encountered this kind of behavior before”.

They drafted a counter proposal (not brain surgery) which my ex dismissed. Again, waiting to hear from the legal eagles – nothing. They convinced me that I needed to pay them another $10,000. I did (big mistake), I was handed off to their more junior members who again could not negotiate with my ex and had no alternate strategy or plan – they just let my retainer run out and goodbye.

In retrospect I realize Cohen, Rabin, Stine and Schumann are used to negotiating these things out with rich people who don’t want the hassle and complete life suck that the New York Family Court system will drag you through. Cohen, Rabin, Stine and Schumann is no better than most of the barely passed law school lawyers that make a good buck off people’s misery. If you need a family lawyer for basic support issues almost any of the bottom feeders will do (mediation is the best alternative if both parties are in agreement ahead of time). Cohen, Rabin, Stine and Schumann seem to be great at promoting themselves but when things get tough they bail. Don’t waste your money.

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