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Cohen's Fashion Optical

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Westport
Address 431 Post Road E
Phone (203) 454-5558

Cohen's Fashion Optical Reviews

  • Dec 15, 2019

I've been dealing with this store for years and everytime I tried to acquire the free pair of glasses that is covered under my insurance, the store always lied and said there weren't a pair of glasses in their store that was fully covered, under my plan and that I had to pay extra or the full amount for a pair of glasses.

I contacted my insurance several times over the years and they said otherwise. I relayed to this store several times that my insurance company said that they have to offer me a selection of frames that are covered under my plan. One particualr store employee always was rude and dimissive and arrogantly denied me my pair of glasses, unless I paid the store additional money.

I always ended up not getting my frames from the store because of this, but this year decided to try again and have my insurance company call them. My insurance company called the store and they were just as rude, dismissive and arrogant. They didn't want to follow the contract, terms or rules under my insurance.

They admitted to denying me my free glasses under my insurance and demanding I pay additional out of pocket money. My insurance company then had to open a claim against the company and escalate the situation. The store's response to the claim was a lie, saying that the frames I wanted was going to cost more, but they have frames that are covered in full under my inusrance--

I never selected of looked at frames. But, the bigger problem with their lie, was that they were recorded by the insurance agent when the agent called them to inform them of my rights and benefits under my plan and they still were rude, arrogant and refused to offer me ANY frame, without me paying additional money out of pocket.

This place has been denying and in my opinion CONNING me for years, in order to try to get money out of me in addition to the money they would get from my insurance. Which in my opinion is not only fraud, but insurance fraud. I'm sure there are others out there who they have or are being shaked down from them as well.

  • Mar 14, 2019

I purchased 2 pair of glasses. Sunglasses - when I Bach home I noticed they are scratched. Glasses with description - I came to pick them up. Put on in the store and I felt that something is wrong.

I told for the lady Juli, she gave me the answer that it takes time. I walked out, went to subway and I felt so dizzy, I felt pressure in my head. I fall down!!!! I felt sick. I came home and fall asleep, but when I wake up I was feeling pressure Okin my head.

Finally I called them, emailed. But the stuff was so rude, just kept changing people on the phone. And said that they can’t do anything. And I paid so much money.

  • Mar 12, 2016

About two years ago, in November, 2013, I did business with Cohen's Fashion Optical at the upper west side store, West 114th street and Broadway) in Manhattan, New York; to have lens put onto my new, rimless, Christian Dior eyeglasses frame. The Christian Dior frame costed me about $350. They did a bad job, plus losing the demo lens of the eyeglasses frame.

I contacted the store. After some unsatisfied responses from the store and spent a lot of my time with them, I eventually have to sue them at the small claims court in Harlem, New York, for a total of $938. The court granted me the judgement in my favor with the total amount, $938.00. Cohen's Fashion Optical sent me a cheque of $520.00 and failed to pay the rest of the judgement amount, $418.00 so far.

I contacted Cohen's Fashion Optical several times but in vain. The store sent me to contact the main Cohen's Fashion Optical customer service headquarter phone number which only has an answering machine on. The New York Marshal's Office also chased after Cohen's Fashion Optical, several times, for the money owned me by Cohen's, $418.00 but in vain.

To this date, March 11th, 2016, Cohen's Fashion Optical still failed to pay me the balance due of the judgement amount, $418.00.

If a company doesnt even follow the courts order, will you want to do business with such company?????? I Definitely wont.

Now I have to go to court again to chase after the remaining balance Cohen owned me.

  • Dec 21, 2015

I recieve your claim for $100.00. for Frames after I provided my own Frame to Millie in Optical Lab, then she told me she could do bi focals but I could use my own frames,also lense was too small for anti reflective coating or UV, orbany other coating. This company charged My insurance for frames,lense, anti reflect coating, UV, Scratch coat and a total of. $442.00. And then I see K am being held financially responsible for $97.00. for services not even supplied.. I had to call my Bank cause they did charge me $35.00 after being told no charge to me. sk I had to dispite thru my Bank after getting my statement and Now have to contact my Insurance company because they are ripping them off... Do Not Trust these people very shady business Practices

They falsly charged me , Then over charged the Insurance and were did honest in Billing. The charged for frames when I provided my own frame ( to the insurance) The charged excessive for tint,UV,and anti scratch totaling $83.00+ $23.00 +$120. And the lab tech told me herself(Millie) I will not be able to have these things done because I have frameless lenses n they would not be able to apply coatings, and also the bifocal portion of my lenses will be smaller than usual because of smaller Lense size... This business is shady in my opinion.

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