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Cody Dean Tree Service

Country United States
State Virginia
City Wytheville
Address 3726 Greyson Turnpike
Phone 276-613-1798

Cody Dean Tree Service Reviews

  • Aug 6, 2019

Cody Dean is very smart, articulate and likeable. Too bad he knows this and uses it against people to give him deposits. He then never shows back up to do the job. I’m 3 weeks in and he just dodges phone calls and makes up pretty bad lies about where he has been.

I told him to keep the money because the word around Wytheville is that he spends customers deposits on alcohol and never shows up. I’ve heard of he deals property damage frequently so it’s best I get out now. It’s not like he would have ever came by anyway, that money was long gone. Hard lesson learned, I’m hiring a pro to come do it instead.

  • Jul 11, 2019

Cody came to our house asking if he could trim the limbs off our trees. After taking a look around our yard and making an agreement, signing paperwork, we wrote a check to Cody for around $500 as a deposit. He said he would try to come the following Tuesday to begin work, but never showed up. A month has gone by with no contact from Dean. He had already deposited the check we wrote to him.

  • Jun 3, 2018

This company claims to be a professional tree expert and was called to cut a tree next to the roof. He pushed me to remove four pine trees against my better judgement and asked for $2,000 additional. The tree I wanted cut was estimated at $400 to remove three large limbs leaning over the roof.

Cody Dean came back and cuts down the pine trees, this is his first priority as it’s the biggest job. He told me he will cut the other trees after the pine trees are gone.

Cody Dean and his guys take a couple of days off and return to trim the Maple tree. The owner of the home reports that a large tree limb fell on the roof and shook the entire house. The tree service guys only worked about 20 minutes and left. The next time Cody Dean was on the property, I pointed out the bent rain gutter and asked Cody about dropping the tree limb on the roof. Cody stated “that did not hurt the roof” and his demeanor appeared scared. This tree limb is about four inches at the base and Maple wood is quite heavy.

Cody Dean would not answer the phone and after more than a week passed, we were given excuses about needing to borrow machinery to handle the weight of the tree sections that are 8 to 10 inches at the base and 30 feet tall. Its apparent that this wannabe contractor does not have any assets besides a chainsaw.

One of the guys cut down another tree not included in the estimate and cut it up for firewood. The usable firewood pieces were hauled off and all the tree limbs and remaining trash was left behind, the stump was not even cut off close to the ground.

The brush from the other maple trees was also left lying on the ground behind the house and scattered around all over the grass. This Tree Service never returned to finish the job and we had to clean up the property ourselves. This took an entire day to cut up all the brush that was never piled up on the side of the property.

We got RIPPED OFF by Cody Dean Tree Service, a verbal estimate was $400 to cut 20% of a Maple tree and raise the ceiling on some Pine trees. The guys cut about 5% of the Maple and removed the pine trees. The roof and rain gutter was damaged and the water damage to our kitchen is going to cost $1,500 to replace the sheetrock, tape joints, texture and a painter quoted 300 for repaint over the water stains.

We lost a minimum of $350 for a tree that was never cut per contract.

Estimating $150 for site cleanup left by the tree service.

Estimating $100 to repair the rain gutter that is bent from negligence.

A roofer charged us $110 to repair the roof, it never leaked before the rain gutter was bent.

Total damages is estimated at $2,210

Cody Dean Tree Service does not have their address published anywhere a consumer can find their business. The only advertising is a Facebook post with reference to a cell phone and some business cards left all over town. Its unlikely this tree service has any general liability insurance or workers compensation to protect the homeowner from their carelessness or property damage. Its also questionable if Cody Dean Tree Service has a business license or pays taxes on the money charged for their service.

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