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Country United Kingdom
State England
City Borehamwood
Address Devonshire House, Manor Way,

CodeTrigger Reviews

  • Dec 29, 2016

This product was sub-standard at best when I purchased it a year ago. However, since I it for educational purposes, I decided to keep it and use it occasionally to generate some of the classes it created automatically. Then cam e the licensing issues - with each issue they wanted me to purchase more licenses. When I bought a new PC that had a different name they forced me to purchase an entire new license even thoufgh I wasnt using the previous one. Several attempts to refresh the license failed and they eventually flat-out told me to buy another new license that woul;d be a new purchase.

In other words, the previosly active and perfectly fully-paid license was no more honored by the company - a legal agreement that was simply violated in order to force new purchases. The support was harsh and accusatory, as welll as very un-empathetic to this simple sittuation. So if you upgrade your pc or change its name then you might have to purchase a new license. That just qualifies as a scam to me, no matter how much you like their product,

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