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Coco Furniture Gallery

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 6273 SW 8th St
Phone 305-639-8459

Coco Furniture Gallery Reviews

  • Dec 30, 2017

They ruined a gift I was giving my mother for Thanksgiving. Please read so you have an idea of how these people treat their customers. My mom went into their store and loved a dinning set, we have a joint card and I told her "mom, get it so you have something nice and new for your place". Ani the sales rep that took care of her was amazing when she first dealt with my mother to pick out the pieces and charge my card. Then the problems started, First they delivered the dinning set... My mother told them it has a bunch of scratches on the glass, metal chairs bent and discoloration on the chairs. Ani went ahead and sent another delivery to replace the glass and chairs. The new delivery came, the replacement glass also severely scratched and the chairs they brought to replace the bent ones were IVORY and not white as we ordered. They asked my mom to load the chairs in her car and bring them over to see them and have them replaced again (Ive never heard of a client having to do this for a new order in my life).

They saw the chairs and said oops.. and would send a third delivery for the chairs and glass again. (At this point we missed thanksgiving but figured to be patient and use it for noche buena)... The new stuff came again, once again there were many defects with the order. The Delivery guy had the balls to complain to my mom and tell her the store was making him pay for the scratched glass!! Why does my mom need to hear that? To guilt her into keeping defective "New Furniture"..???? My mom called Ani again, Thats when Ani made the mistake of telling my mom that "That my mom is making up stories." I lost it, I left my office screeching into that showroom to yell and scream at this Ani... Who wanted to make my mom feel like she was doing her a freaking favor by replacing these damaged pieces which should be perfect and new. I asked for a manager, they informed me that she never comes in. I made sure to be loud enough to make sure the entire store and customers around were aware of how this company and Ani treat their customers after the sales commission is made. The whole experience has ruined the gift and my mom had to go through so much BS with these people just to order a dam table and chairs. I wouldn't send my worst enemy to this place. Deceptive business practices 100%... They don't care about their clients and told me point blank, that I can write a bad review because they don't care about reviews anymore. AVOID AT ALL COSTS... THIS IS A DUMP AND HEADACHE WAITING TO HAPPEN!!! We will take our hard earned money to El Dorado and American Signature..

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