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Cobourg Galaxy

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone (438) 920-5575

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  • Oct 14, 2017

Brian Bell, currently the owner of Cobourg Galaxy, formally Norwood Nemesis operating out of Canada. Brian Bell hired me as a graphic designer to create marketing posters and flyers for his team the St. Louis Galaxy. I met Brian Bell through the St. Peters Spirit hockey league in 2015 where he was offering his services to poor suspecting parents who wanted better for their children’s playing abilities. He painted a pretty picture by claiming that he ”played Pro for the Red Wings & Buffalo Sabres” neither of which I can validate. I’m suspecting fraud on that because there is absolutely ZERO MENTION of him beyond 1985-86 IHL Flint Spirits. Seriously, if he were pro wouldn’t there be something found out there in internet land? ::crickets:: (by all means, if a fact checker out there can prove me wrong please do so).

With the hockey expense we were paying, I thought that I would offer trade, his training for my design.

Affording $40 training sessions on top of monthly hockey fees is already insane. That is when we started working together. (By the way, he only accepts cash, I’m pretty sure the IRS hasn’t received a return from him...ever.) We didn’t work together very long, he moved to Ontario but called me asking if I could be the designer of a new team he was working with, the Glengarry Highlanders. Months went by, I worked on various designs for whatever up coming camp they were holding and got paid without issue. He then left Glengarry to buy a different team, Norwood Nemesis in January 2017.

From January through February I was setting up the new website, creating forms, camp flyers and adding everything to the website. Brian was flying to the U.S. and wanted to meet to go over future camps and he was going to pay me cash for an invoice that I had submitted to him. He ended up shorting me $105 because he “forgot about the U.S. / Canadian exchange”...boy am I naive. I still continued to do work for him because, you know, “naive” is apparently tattooed on my forehead.

Long story short we got to a point where I realized he had more excuses than paid invoices. Email after email he ran out of excuses, then he stopped responding altogether. I guess he forgot that I was included in his client group email because he invited all of his U.S. clients to partake in a mini camp he was holding when he flew back to the states. I responded to his invite with “Great, we’ll be there. Will you have my check” he replied with “Yes”. On mini camp day I showed up, grabbed a check that was written out for $136 less than the invoice...that darn Canadian exchange again...but at that point was so done with him that I left without even looking back.

3 weeks later...I don’t know why I was so surprised when my bank sent me a notification that the check had been returned NSF. I don’t know why I was equally surprised when I attempted to call Coach Bell and he blocked my phone number. Seriously? This dude just doesn’t stop wrecking things. I emailed him, to which he didn’t respond. He only responded after I threatened to “reply all” to the very email he invited all of the families he worked with to notify them all how he conducts business. He replied that he was moving and would call me the following day. Spoiler alert...that didn’t happen. So I then followed through with what I had told him I would do, I reached out to him through his clients and aired his bad business practices. Guess what, that seemed to work. He even informed me that he was very aware of the fact that he was writing me a bad check (there’s proof) and that my threatening him didn’t sit well. Huh?!

What is the point of this?

I just want to make people aware of what kind of terrible person they are dealing with. He is a con artist. I am out $460 that he refuses to pay me so I’m out to bring awareness of how he conducts business. I have supporting documents on top of pages and pages of lies.

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  • May 5, 2018

Sounds very familiar

Sounds exactly like Brian Bell. We paid him 160 to sign up for his hockey camp, turned out there was no camp at all. Then I found out he did the same to others as well.

  • Nov 10, 2017

Now you know why Stl Galaxy was killed.

Brian cannot keep his lies and stealing straight and unfortunately has pulled another group of "i will make your player great"... families into his lies.. And the next one will hurt as a friend of mine is now caught up in it.. Arrest after arrest, drug dealer after drug dealer showing up at rinks demanding cash.. Hmm...

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  • Jan 13, 2019


It's all misunderstandings

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