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  • Mar 11, 2023

Yesterday I filed a report about a company making false clamisn about their snake oil supplements.

I wanted to file a report on the radio show too because they host this quack every three weeks and are obviously getting paid to do it and/or get a kick-back for all the scam products they sell. It's been going on for years.

On 3/7, Dr. Wallach said he could help people walk in 90 days after being in a wheelchair due to fused knee caps. I was very interested because I've been in a wheelchair for almost 10 years because of fused kneecaps.

I emailed the company asking for more info and got a reply telling me to call one of their doctors. I told him what Dr. Wallach said he he LITERALLY started LAUGHING and said, "Dr. Wallach exaggerates. What he said is not possible."

He then tried to sell me some snake oil. Typical bait and switch.

Like I said, not only should Youngevity be reported for this, so should Coast to Coast because they're getting paid to air these "interviews" every 3 weeks to his audience mostly made up of old people who have health problems.

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