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CMT Window Cleaning

Country United States
State California
City Brea
Phone (714) 326-6432

CMT Window Cleaning Reviews

  • Mar 9, 2016

This company is a fraud, or at least they like to perpetrate fraud. I bought as groupon for window cleaning. They immediately started double-counting windows and doors, upcharging me for things, and when I got the final bill, they charged me for more windows than I have in the house! Then they began harassing me, talking to my neighbors about me, and calling me at all hours and from random phone numbers.

They refused to work when I could actually be home, so I had to leave work to open the door so they could do their work. I went back to work. I was shocked at how bad their work was.

Further, they damaged my screens and left my windows dirtier than they were before they got to them. These guys play dirty. Don't trust them, especially not Candee Johnson.

The positive reviews were paid for, I guarantee it. Do yourself a favor. Windex and a paper towel will do a far better job than CMT Window Cleaning at a much smaller cost.

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