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CMN Funding

Country United States
State New York
City Albany
Address 1510 Central Ave
Phone 518 435 1119

CMN Funding Reviews

  • Mar 12, 2022

I had the total misfortune of being introduced to Stephan Frank and the businesses that he uses to run his scam (CMN Funding, CMN Real Estate Group & CMN Real Estate Group Inc) Frank will claim to be in the business of being able to provide funding for development projects. Nothing can be farther from the truth. If you run across Frank or any of his business rest assured of one thing and one thing only. HE IS A THIEF!! He will fabricate stories, make false promises, and NEVER deliver anything of value to you. He will take your money with a guarantee of it being refundable, yet you will never see your funds again.




Email us at [email protected] we want to hear from you. Please do not hesitate.

  • Feb 8, 2022

I was suppose to be funded in October 2018 for $18,750,000 for the purchase of a Hotel. I went to the closing- which was approved by Stephen Frank and was told the money would be sent to the Notary for the close. When I got to the close, the money was not there. I ended up having to pay the Notary their fees anyway for their time which was $70,000. Stephen Frank continued to say that the money would get sent, but it never did. Now over 3 years later, Stephen Frank has refused to refund me any of my money, but insists the funding is still coming.

When I read what others have been saying, it resembles what he has continued to do to me- claim he has the funding- even tell the bank that it is coming and give that to them in writing. But it continues to not be true. Stephen keeps saying it is going to fund, but then he disappears and can't be reached. Stephen Frank unfortunately is just a lier and is good at it as others have posted how they have also been strung along for years.

Stephen Frank appears to just steal peoples deposits-and when you ask for a refund you never hear from him, nor do you receive your money back. The big money he has you send him- he has you send it to a company named 176 Ridge Street LLC at TD Bank on Central Ave. This is the account that he uses to launder your money.

In order to get my money back, I now have to have my attorney sue him. My attorney sent him a demand letter already, but he did not respond to it. I believe that there are many other people like myself who have had their money stolen by Stepehn Frank. If you are one of them you should start by filing a claim against him with the local FBI office in Albany NY.

The local FBI phone # is 518-431-7264. I wanted to believe that Stephen Frank was an honest lender, but he has proven to just be a criminal.

  • Jan 18, 2022

Stephen Frank, President of CMN Funding, has consistently lied about a loan deal and has committed several fraudulent acts related to this matter. He has strung us along for over a year and a half, saying the funding is closing but has not provided one single shred of evidence that a loan exists.

We requested the return of the Services Fees due to Stephen's inability to validate a loan. There have been several follow-up letters and hundreds of calls and messages sent to Stephen demanding the return of our Services Fees but he has ignored all the requests. When our representatives have called to speak to him, he has refused to get on the phone.

Stephen Frank lives in an alternate reality, devoid of any truth, honesty, integrity, and business ethics. Stephen Frank must be held accountable for his fraudulent behavior. I would highly advise anyone seriously considering using CMN Funding and Stephen Frank for funding, AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

  • Aug 15, 2021

We previously closed a financing transaction with Stephen Frank of CMN. Our current transaction has taken longer than anticipated and CMN refunded the fee we paid to them and stated they would be able to close the transaction and explained to us in detail why it was taking so long.

We have wasted time and money dealing with other lenders that promise results and never deliver. We just closed on our second financing from CMN and I gladly paid their fee. Although the process was frustrating due to justifiable delays, Mr. Frank kept us updated throughout the process.

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