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Country United States
State Alaska
City Kovin, Serbia
Address Dide Trkulje
Phone 381 60 0744948

Clumbret Reviews

  • Sep 15, 2017

Just to warn others and let them know about my story that just recently happened with taking place hoping it helps them too... I was asking around about a ICT Clear male a few months ago and a few weeks later I get a email from this lady named Aleksandra Karapandzic working with Clumbret Kennel stating that she had one available named Toby, Registered name: Mojito Pleasure Storm Bear of Gold. She sent me all kinds of pictures and paperwork on the dog and it turned out that is was a scam after all when she had belittled my mom and disrespected her with yelling at her in emails of which my mom who is fighting cancer and this lady had known this all along in our conversations throughtout my mom's treatments. Anyway, she contacted Ana Cvorkov at Golden Romance of which that lady had sold me 3 faulty dogs, one in 2015 and 2 in 2016 of which one having hip dysplasia at 9 mos old which was on the vitamin regimen for 6 mos prior to the OFA's on him of which that Ana at Golden Romance did nothing at all about it.

Then she was trying to sell me another female of hers (making it a 4th dog she was trying to scam me on) which was this dog, Golden Romance Dutch Sensation which was in the states already with elbow dysplasia, of which thank God for other breeders that tell you these things ahead of time of NOT to buy that dog. Any way that happened before this dog Toby with Ana (Sasha). These two breeders are in ca-hoots with each other with scams so watch out! Be careful. Do your Homework very well when buying any dog from over seas for that matter being we have been scammmed and ripped off on so many from over there now that it is not funny as well as others too. They will threaten you too with making up false stories (information), saying that you are somebody else of which their aquisations are pretty bizarre. They send all their faulty dogs to us here USA or scam you. Watch Out!!! DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY. Please contact me for more information and I will fill you in. I have proof of my bank wire receipts to these people that will KEEP YOUR MONEY!

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