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Cluff Builders & Fencing LLC

Country United States
State Utah
City Manti
Address 855 W 500 N St
Phone 1 435-835-4891

Cluff Builders & Fencing LLC Reviews

  • Sep 2, 2020

When first moving to Utah I had wanted 2/3ds of my half acre fenced in, and according to Mr. Cluff it would cost $17,660. After some negotiating he deducted about 1/8th of the original 2/3ds and dropped the price down to $5,600. We settled on $5,250. Later on I found this was still overpriced for our area.

Work started on Jan. 15, 2020 with drilling and cementing in the posts. I noticed how some of the automatic watering heads were between my neighbor’s fence and my soon to be chain link fence, Cluff said, “Once they are in you never have to touch them again.” I now know this is not true, for when they are clogged you must be able to remove them for unclogging.

In spring the irrigation water was turned back on, but a portion of what was once a good system was now not working. Water was also gushing from next to a fence post. We found that Mr. Cluff had drilled a hole through the water pipe and then cemented the post in it. Mr. Cluff never replied to the several attempts to contact him. The pipe is now fixed by a neighbor, but when finding little pressure in the pipes this means the damage is far more extensive than what we had first thought. It needs to be fixed.

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