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Club Newport Celebration

Country United States
State Florida
City Fort Lauderdale
Address 5100 N. State Road 7
Phone 844-258-2639

Club Newport Celebration Reviews

  • Jul 19, 2017

It was a high pressure presentation conducted after a long fight when I had not had much sleep. The hotel was musty, noisy, and the food was terrible. The presentation is very manipulative. Like most people, I do not make good decisions when tired. I was also stressed about not missing my departure time for the cruise which I had saved to purchase. The cruise was a waste of money. Unfortunately, by the time I returned the cancellation period was up. I have paid on this membership for a year, and because I have not used it, tried to cancel it. was it stated that this is a lifetime membership from which you can never cancel.

The savings are not as presented, the website is not user-friendly, and considering the circumstances, the cancellation period is excessively short. I believe it was misrepresented based primarily on the fact that at no point in time nor in the contract Now that I am back home the seller is long gone. How is this possible, that I am stuck in a contract for life? What do they mean that I can never cancel? Even a marriage and a mortgage contract can be cancelled after three days! A car can be returned. How can Club Newport outrank all of that? So one can cancel a house, a car, and a marriage, but not a travel membership that hasn't even been used? Deborah from Alaska

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