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Clements High School

Country United States
State Alabama
City Athens
Address 7730 U.S. HWY 72
Phone 256.729.6564

Clements High School Reviews

  • Mar 14, 2023

The back of my lot is adjacent to the Southwest portion of Clements High School. On 01/21/2023, I wrote a letter to the Athletics Director at Athens High School to inform her that it was not safe to send her students to play ball at the area West of Clements High School. The reason people are not safe in this area is due to the reckless use of firearms from the renters residing at 16580 Hampton Lane. The Athens High School students were playing directly behind this address. Every time I have made an attempt to secure the assistance of the Sheriff’s office, I am told that they are allowed to shoot their guns.

The purpose of my letter to you is to inquire about the Athens Sportsplex facility. Is there something wrong with this facility? I ask this question because one of the workmen on the Southwest side of Clements High told me that the Athens Sportsplex was used for the boys only. However, the internet reflects softball and baseball diamonds at the Athens Sportsplex. The workman then stated that they were building a Sportsplex for the girls. After all, the girls need to have equal rights too.

The current principal at Clements High told me that he had my tree amputated because it was leaning on the light post for the baseball diamond directly behind my property. This baseball diamond has not been used for a few years. I told Clint Legg, the new principal at Clements High, that I want my tree replaced with a mature tree. What I do not understand is why the County Commission is wasting funds on the Clements Sportsplex when my road needs repair and the metal culverts need to be replaced. That is the Commissioners responsibility, not building another Sportsplex on this end of Athens.

I do not even know if this Clements Sportsplex is legal as I was not able to review the Commission’s meeting minutes or their agenda on the internet. I also wonder about the financial liability of having a Sportsplex directly behind residences. I do not want a Sportsplex behind my property! The baseballs I have mowed over has caused me unwanted repair costs. I am a 70-year-old disabled woman living on social security income, and I want to live on my land in safety.

The construction debris is piling up behind my property. Jason Black, former County Commissioner, told me that the concrete posts laying near the back of my lot would only be there temporarily, but that was in 2014. There are blocks, broken concrete, chain link fencing, concrete posts, etc. near the tree line of my land. I have noticed students looking at the concrete posts as they play on that piece of land. Ownership of this land is in question as the former principal of Clements High stated that the school did not own that land. My lot is 651 feet deep and has not been surveyed. Limestone County records state that my parcel is 4.38 acres.

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