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Cleary Building Corporation

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Verona
Address 190 Paoli St
Phone 800-373-5550

Cleary Building Corporation Reviews

  • Aug 6, 2015

Do not use Cleary Building Corp for your building! They are a terrible builder! I will NEVER use them again. Cleary put the "sham" in shamrock (their comapny symbol).

The following is a condensed list of problems I have had with Cleary:

Cleary Took about 1 year to complete my project which could easily be completed in 3 months time and after claiming build time (after design phase) could be completed in 9 days under optimal conditions (they took this long even though I had given them all the design requirements they needed such as the use of scissor trusses, cable reinforcing, window wall design). The salesman said they would not accept a contract with a time limit built in. How would your business fare if you had to take a one year time-out?

New materials were broken at the unloading stage (trusses, doors). For the broken wall truss, they didn't replace it, they just talked their engineer into signing it off as "OK in damaged condition". How can a broken truss possibly be as strong as a whole one? The window holes in the wall trusses were the wrong size, so their fix was to cut into the truss to make the hole bigger (keep in mind a truss is a structural member intended to keep the building from collapsing) and they got the same engineer to sign off on their "fix". The engineer specified reinforcing the truss, whose directions the crew could not or would not follow and it took them 3 tries to get the fix right. 3 replacements for the same door were required to get a good door, and then it was installed in such a way that it couldn't be opened, even though they said it was "finished".

Other major things had to be repaired 2 or 3 times before they were correct (roof, doors, trusses). The roof had damaged sheets installed, and "missed" screw holes repaired with caulking (about 15 of them); I asked if they had built me a "used building" and Cleary told me this was acceptable as "new construction". Many roof sheets had been replaced 3 times until they got it right. They install the roof metal screws in the valley of the corrugated metal, where the water runs, instead of at the top of the corrugation, where water rarely reaches. When asked, Cleary told me that "We get less leaks this way". I personally think this procedure is used to keep their too-thin roofing from bending upward between screws.

The crew failed to secure wall sheeting in place with enough screws and the wind tore it half down, and beat it against a $600 window. No one offered to come to temporarily fix the problem, I had to get a ladder out and secure it myself, in that same high wind, and no one at Cleary ever offered to replace or repair the window, or even said they were sorry it happened. It was so loud the neighbors thought I was tearing the building down.

The salesman, tech rep, and crews showed to work on the project erratically, late, and rarely on the day they said they were going to be there. They averaged 2 days per week during the building erection phase, and worked an average of 3 hours per day.

Cleary called to ask for the final payment before checking to see if the building was completed (which it was not).

Cleary asked me to accept the building as completed with holes in construction large enough for birds/insects/weather to get through into the building. They said "it won't matter" and "what did you expect?"

They did not secure or seal the door sills. Sills were not supported/founded properly.

They communicated with me (the customer) sparingly and erratically. When I finally called them It was always, "oh, I was about to call you."

The salesman was also the Tech rep- a very bad idea because the salesman had absolutely no engineering or construction sense whatsoever. The salesman took over six weeks to arrange to meet with me, repeatedly "forgot" to check up on my project for deadlines, general progress, and needed materials or support. Then the salesman was put in charge of sinking the column brackets in the wet concrete, 5 of which he got wrong and they had to be cut off, new brackets made, and "dry set" in the correct location.

They could not keep to a schedule that they promised (repeatedly said "in two weeks", over and over and over, until a year had literally gone by).

The crews repeatedly got the company truck stuck in my driveway and they dug holes in my brand new landscaping to get dirt to throw on the ice they got stuck in. They got stuck so bad once that I had to pull them out with my tractor. Cleary does not supply a 4 wheel drive crew truck for their Mountain Region crews. Even in the winter.

They treated me (the customer) as a "b*****d stepchild burden" (and before you think it, I have stepchildren, and no, I don not treat them that way), not a customer. Their attitude over the phone was that I was a bother that they could barely stand to deal with.

They could not make appointments on time, repeatedly canceled appointments last minute.

The crews left trash loose (not secured) outside in the wind even though a trash container was provided and emptied regularly.

Cleary representatives complained to customer about material supply (we can't get straight lumber") and labor problems ("oil is taking all our people") when asked why schedule/quality was so poor.

When I complained to managers "up the chain of command" I was threatened with "You had better not slander my company or we will take you to court". They promised to "watch over my project" and obviously did not.

In my opinion, Cleary Building is a fly-by-night, shoddy operation that is run with less than minimal crew that spends most of their time creating their own problems.

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