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ClearView, LLC.

Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address 330 South Newhope Street
Phone 949-986-9048

ClearView, LLC. Reviews

  • Jul 4, 2019

I had hired Jay of Clearview Irrigation from HomeAdvisor, (a supposed trust third party that advertises online and on TV) to repair my sprinkler system. Jay came out to do the work. After diagnosing the simple fix, he suddenly said he couldn't do the repair work, due to another contracting job, but that he could come back. We scheduled a time for him and twice he failed to come through on his word.

I did some checking and found out that he isn't a licensed contractor, doesn't have a business license file at the county, nor is the company registered with the Secretary of State, and in fact other people have complained about him essentially "disappearing" in the middle of a job.

I gave his vehicle license plate number to a buddy of mine who works for the CHP and I'm waiting to get his full identify this morning. I have found that liars are liars and I should have done my homework first, but I trust him. It would not have been so bad if he would have been just upfront and honest, so I didn't have to take my time off of work. I just think it's wrong what he did. I definitely can not recommend him.

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