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Country United States
State Florida
City Boca Raton
Address 6401 E Rogers Cir
Phone (800) 471 9483

ClearLice Reviews

  • Jun 5, 2017

This product made 3/4 of my daughters hair break off an changed to color of her hair. This worked once on my granddaughter but I don't want to try it again because of the results of my daughters hair. It says it is gentle but no where on the website is there a warning not to use it on bleached or colored treated hair. Her hair was a beautiful light bleach blond with green, blue and teal hair color in it. We have used the natural ingredients that are in this product except there is something in it that is harsh to fine hair. Her hair was bleached 3 weeks ago so it is not from the bleaching. He hair was in great shape until she used Clearlice today. She left it in for 40 minutes just like the directions said and when she went to wash it out, her hair started falling out. I had to help her get all the hair rinsed out of her hair. I have pictures too.

  • Feb 8, 2017

I purchased a gallon of this product for myself and to have in the home. I followed the directions and even now have used the entire gallon. I have had no relief from the lice. I contacted the company and they didn't offer the refund or even ask for the unused portion left. Out of desperation I continued to use it and it doesn't work. I am so disapointed in both the product and the customer service.

  • Oct 1, 2016

Please don't waste your money. We spent $157.00 to treat ourselves. After sitting and freezing for an hour with their product on, per their directions, nothing happened at all. We immediately treated ourselves with another product from stores that was effective right then.

The other reviews are correct. The product does not work, at all. The goal seems to be to take your money. Then, through slick operations and mindset they fanatically will not refund, nor accept the product return.

Possibly their product doesn't work for some, but does work for others. An honest business would refund for those who the product doesn't work for. The complete fanaticism in not refunding tells me there are more seeking refunds, than the number not seeking refunds = their product does not work! I also believe this to be a bogus product taking advantage at huge prices in a fraudulant business.

I intend to followup. This is just so that no one else is taken advantage of through dishonesty. I intend also to contact my bank/debit card to see what can be done. Every chance I get, I will be warning about this company.

I sent an email asking if their product worked for pubic lice. Response was that I was encouraged that it does work with success on some. No special directions were addressed in the emails for use of the product for this. Yet this is one basis used for not refunding = special directions needed to be followed. I asked why "special" directions were not mentioned. They have no answer for this. Guess what. I have the emails they are trying to say don't exist. Also, believe me, it would never work if sitting in the product for 1 hour has no effect whatsoever.

Slick Operations Tactics:

1. Citing what they "guarantee" vs the actual experience

2. Saying you didn't follow directions

3. Refusal of returned packages without their "Authorization Number" on the package

4. Howard says he will call back about seeking an authorization number, and does not

5. Encouragement to purchase, saying it works for "some"

6. Demeaning talks about treating personal areas & suggestion that you can't follow directions

7. Saying they have a 60-day return policy. Mail refunds are guaranteed within 30 days. So, if you go beyond the 30 days, you have absolutely no recourse.

8. Providing a "Returns Policy" referencing a "30 day satisfaction guarantee"

9. Back 'n forth between Ariel & Howard when their arguments for not refunding are not appropriate

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