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Clearing House

Country United States
State New York
City Hempstead
Phone 1 516 690 9042

Clearing House Reviews

  • Jun 24, 2018

On June 12th, I received a call from Mark Stewart informing me that I won $4,500,000 and a new Merdcedes car with insurance and gas provided for one year. After continued calls he asked me to send $400 Walmart to Walmart. After they refused to do this, he strongly suggested Western Union and even found a convieniet location. I sent the money. The next call raised the money requirement by $1,250. At this I balked. Numerous phone calls continued and I weakened and agree to send it first as $300 and later as $950.

The money was sent to Missy MacKey at 19 Main Jacksonville, Florida

The next series of calls related to when I would received the promised prize. I was then advised that more money was required to be paid. $9,500 to a Adriana Walker and $5,000 to Missy MacKay both in Florida.

I refused to do so and told him to keep his money. I had paid enough on this Scam. Then I blocked his number so as to not receive any more calls. He switched numbers and continued to call.

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