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Clear Choice Motors

Country United States
State California
City Colton
Address 847 E Valley Blvd
Phone 1-855-787-2011

Clear Choice Motors Reviews

  • Jan 24, 2017

Everything was fine until I barely drove it to the RV storage with no fluid in transmission. Transmission pan was leaking. Lucky it was repaired by my friend.

I decided to remodel inside, found rat's nests in 4 places inside, mold and pipe leak under shower base, had to replace the base with tub, most electric lamps not working, solar panel and controller not working, propane not feeding gas to stove, heater, water heater, and ref. One of the windows is leaking. Roof was repainted, all covers for A/C, vents were replaced. The 2 vents weren't working, had to replace them. All compartment locks aren't working. I haven't replace them because these parts are very hard to find. Just found out that the fuel line for gas is leaking, all wheels need bearings to be replaced. The ceiling was so dirty when I touched it. Impossible to clean carpeted ceiling and installed wood paneling, replaced the wood flooring due to slippery.

The exterior ladder broke off.

I have Stage 4 bone cancer, hoping to get some travellings with my motorhome. It didn't happen since I purchased it in Dec 2015. It's still sitting under roof at the storage.

I have 2 more days to finish inside remodeling, then I will sell it. I spent about $11,000 for replacements, repairs, and labors and $$2000 for storage.

Don't do business with them. They covered everything up.

Please anyone who can do the class action against the business, do that.

  • Nov 21, 2016

2000 Coachmen Santara 3602KS was listed on ebay Nov. 6,2016. Based on what I saw in the pictures I bid $13,700 and got the win. I paid the required $250 deposit the next day.

I called the company and spoke to a salesmen named Shaun and we discussed the motor home and it's condition. Shaun said the coach was in great condition and everything worked. We also discussed payment and he explained that to save California tax it could be delivered to Phoenix, AZ for $600.

I later called Shaun back and asked if they could ship it to Tucson AZ instead and offered another $200 for a total of $800.

On discussing the delivery I if it could be delivered on Friday November 11th as I had friends in Tucson. I told him that I would make air reservations for November 9th. and that I would then leave Tucson leaving on Saturday the 12th. He assured me the delivery would be delivered Friday as it was only a five and a half hour drive from his location.

Based on our conversation confirming delivery on Friday the 11th. I went ahead and made my plane reservations.

On November 9, 2016 I had my bank send a direct deposit of $14,500 to Clear Choice's bank. My bank charged me $15 for this transaction.

I arrived in Tucson and called Clear Choice Motors (it took a number of repeated calls before anyone returned my call)and asked if the coach could be delivered to Oro Valley Hospital's parking lot instead of Tucson airport because I thought it might be easier for the driver to get around in. They agreed to that as it was only a few miles away.

On Thursday I called Clear Choice again (again, it took four or five calls before anyone returned my calls) to get an idea as to when the coach might be arriving and was then informed that it would not be delivered on Friday because the driver would not be able to make it as the driver had personal business.

I was then told that coach would be delivered instead on Saturday.

On Saturday I arrived at the agreed on place about noon, figuring it would take the driver at least this long to make the drive. I waited untill 6PM. During this time I kept calling CCM to find out where the driver was. Finally around 6PM I received a phone call from a guy named Todd and was told the driver could not make it.

When asked he did not offer a reason. He stated the driver does not work on Sunday and that it would be delivered Tuesday the 15th for sure. Later I received a call from a BJ who said he was the owner. I told him how upset I was for all the delays.

He said "we are not in the shipping business we hire this out and can't control what they do. This was the first I heard of this. He seemed agitated that I even asked.

On Tuesday evening the driver called me and said he was almost there. He arrived at 10 PM. It was the coach. I got under the back of the coach and noticed a large diameter red cable that had been dragging. I taped it up to the frame so it would not short out.

I also noticed a couple of other wires, that had been dragging. One was broken the other was intact. They were wires to connect up a trailer. I taped them up to the the red cable.

I noticed what looked like duck tapes residue at a number of gaps between the various side panels. I thought this may have been done to close the gaps. The tape does not show up in the ebay photos.

On the trip home I suddenly heard a loud bang right beside the driver's door. I thought for a minute it was a tire. I got out and discovered that the side panel that covered the left front tire was torn loose. Figuring that was what the tape was for, to hold the panel together I checked the other panels.

I noticed at least three other panels that looked as though they could come loose at any time. Since I was stopped on a busy freeway I limped along untill I could find a place to pull off. At a Shell station, with the help of a helpful stranger, he located some twine and I tried tying the panels so they would not rip off the coach.

Finally home I was able to inspect the coach. Front overhead speaker grill missing. (shows in ebay photo). Heating vents in dash were not connected. I guess there somewhere under the dash? The main door had a four inch opening at the top. It was sprung. Door was very hard to close. Now I knew why,

Further inspection showed the Generator was completely gone! So much for "every thing works great! Several of the knobs that control the water system were broken off. The glove box door was broken. The furnace and A/C do not work.

When you look at the outside photos showing the roof edge they show really white. When you look now the roof edge is black with dirt. This did not happen over night.

The photos they represented as the condition of the coach on ebay no way look like the coach I purchased and feel they commented a complete fraud. I am 72 and have purchased four motor homes over the years. I know what questions to ask in regard to what works and what does not. They outright lied.

I'm into this thing for approximately $17,000 when you consider purchase, air fare down, gas and food on the way back. The coach is worth nothing to me.

  • Nov 19, 2016

RUN AWAY FAST! My experience began wonderfully. I found a beautiful motorhome on their website right in my price range. The sales people were incredibly responsive by email. They were willing to work with me on my trade and seemed very interested in making me a happy customer. Based on the pictures shown on their website, my wife and I drove almost two hours to see this motorhome. We even put a $250 deposit on it before we went up there! Can you say BAIT AND SWITCH? The motorhome in the pictures was not on that lot! Oh, it was the same one, but the pictures they used on their website were from a long time ago. The motorhome we saw was absolutely thrashed. It was tore up and disgusting. It was NOTHING like the pictures. So we looked at another one on their lot. It was worn, but not as bad as the first one. First, the sales guy gives one price and says they are already going to replace the cracked windshields. Then we go into the office and another guy says they will only replace one and I would have to pay for the other. So we went back out to look at it. There was some kind of white powder on the exterior surfaces. The sales guy told me that it will come right off when I take it home and wash it. WOW! After almost immediate responses to my emails when I was interested in buying, I sent two emails asking for them to refund the REFUNDABLE deposit and guess what? No response! The I finally received a response about my deposit from Jorge Contreras. Here it is. Is this the kind of business you want to work with? "Respond to what Ryan? That you don't want this RV now... Again? this happened last time, come by and we can refund your deposit, if it was with CC just email your last four digits of the card you used. We have had a very busy day here with live customers. So there's your response." Then I got this email, again from Jorge Contreras. This is after Shaun wrote 5 emails saying they would refund my deposit. They are holding my refundable deposit hostage unless I remove my Yelp review! "That refund will be done once you remove your reviews, you did NOT buy anything and I have factual proof for my claims!" Shaun eventually refunded my deposit. He said that Jorge was just upset because he cares about his reputation. If someone cares about their reputation they certainly don't try to extort money from customers.

  • Mar 5, 2016

Beware!!!! This company is awful. I'd give them minus stars if I could. We bought a coach on Ebay and then said they sold it to another person and now are fighting for the money back that we paid them. The place is disgusting and smells like a sewer. DON'T USE THE RESTROOM. RV's are a joke. Dirty, water leaks, bugs in several RV's, and mold you only find if you have a professional inspection done. They trade parts between coaches and our salesman even told us a story of how they sent a family off in a broken down RV that was never going to make it back to their home and then he stated laughing. Avoid this place at at all costs or at least check them out before buying and see how bad this place really is. Oh, don't believe all the reviews. They have found a way to get rid of the bad reviews on Ebay. Negative reviews keep popping up with basically the same review as this one, only to disappear later.

  • Dec 18, 2015

i purchased a vehicle thru an ebay auction on a 2000 fleetwood southwind motorhome , as per the description online and the video and a verbal description from bijon , it was supposed to be a runs great nice clean unit .i paid 15100. dollars plus shipping , wired funds of 19145 plus my 250 paypal deposit , all done by nov . 4th .they used their own driver , not an outside company as advertised , emailed proof of that , they had multiple excuses why the unit wasnt shipped , no driver , sick driver , then a fuel pump excuse was used , that dragged on for 2 more weeks , after really being annoyed , i started looking on the ebay site for feedback of this dealer , only to find a positive feedback of the purchase of this unit on oct 21st , now the fun started , i could never get a call back , so i left a negative feedback on ebay , well , i got shauns, the owners attention ,he immediately left an unpaid case against me on ebay .still never to call me to help me find out about my purchase , now its dec 4th and im told my vehicle is enroute , dec 9th , i call again to find out why 5 days later i still have no delivery of this mystical motorhome , does it even exist i ask them , then im told by bijon , the differential blew up in new mexico , i asked for a full refund as this is now a not .. runs great unit as advertised , i filed a vpp , claim with ebay , backing sales of items to protect the consumer ,the person handling it is also being ignored , but not its the transmission that broke , but in arizona , this company is full of people that lie , with no morals or dignity ,the owner of this company has so many bad reviews on everyy public forum whish im just startin to find out , aviod these people like the plague .

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