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Country United States
State Ohio
City Hudson
Address 2180 Barlow Rd
Phone (330) 650-3333

Cleanyos Reviews

  • Jul 22, 2020

Very late in the evening (about 11pm) on 7-14-20, I ordered a total $53 of advertised Lysol products (including Laundry Sanitizer) from the website www.CleanYos.COM. This is a very hard-to-get item due to the ongoing threat of Covid-19 Virus issues being faced at this time, and I was happy I was able to find it available online. I paid via PayPal (the only payment method they accepted), however the next day when I viewed my credit card and PayPal accounts, the merchant that charged my card was NOT, but instead what appeared to be a private party, “*HANTINGSHAN”. The Credit Card attached to my PP account was charged $61 on 7-15-20, and not only was it for a higher, unauthorized amount, but it was from an Unauthorized Seller. Both of these caused me great concern and suspicion, so I filed a PayPal dispute as well as a dispute with my credit card company/bank.

I was additionally concerned because I received no email confirmation of the order (luckily I took a screenshot when the order was finished), and when I tried to sign in to my account on their website ( on 7-15-20, it would not let me sign in, nor could I get an email when I clicked "Forgot Password" link - in effect, I had no account.

Less than 12 hours later, once I saw the unauthorized charge on my credit card and PayPal account, I went into the website and used the "Contact Us" part of their website (when it was still up) and CANCELLED the order via email, and send several other emails questioning why someone other than the Merchant charged my account, and why I was charged a different amount. I received no response or communication back from the Seller/Merchant.

The PayPal activity in my website for the charge shows a bogus USPS tracking number that was mailed from Illinois on 7-1-20 (not where the Merchant/Seller is purported to be from, PLUS it was mailed 14 days PRIOR to my ordering the Lysol products!) and then allegedly "delivered" on 7-10-20 (again, 'alleged' delivery was made PRIOR to my ordering). There was also no contact method attached to the PayPal Seller/Merchant's name, which is not typical of a normal PayPal transaction.

I have NOT received the order, the order was cancelled within 12 hours, plus I have not had ANY responding communication from the Seller/Merchant. I did not receive the items, nor do I expect to because in addition to the fact they are a bogus/scam/fraudulent company, an unauthorized charge was made on my PayPal account by an unauthorized Seller/Merchant.

I am a senior, living on a low, fixed income; this fraudulent action not only cost me money I couldn’t afford to lose, but has caused me great inconvenience, worry, and a lot of stress.

This is NOT a legitimate business, and they are apparently (according to various Fraud/Scam websites) scamming hundreds of people out of thousands of dollars. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has listed this company as a FRAUD and SCAMMER (see links attached below).

PayPal has today (7-23-20) denied my dispute and decided it was an "authorized sale" (although I do not understand how they came to that decision given all the facts), so am requesting a more in-depth review of that decision. I respectfully requested that PayPal review my case again and reverse the UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE from my PayPal account immediately.

In addition to returning the unauthorized charge of $61.00 to my PayPal account, I feel these scammers are taking advantage of people dealing with the COVID-19 crisis and should be punished severely, and I further respectfully request PayPal close CLEANYOS.COM accounts. The public has filed enough complaints and disputes now that the WWW.CLEANYOS.COM website has been shut down and emails ([email protected]) are not answered.

Links from reputable websites – including PayPal itself - shows overwhelming evidence that this business is NOT legitimate, and that they are scamming hundreds - possibly thousands - from the general public::

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