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Clayton Automotive Group, Inc

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Lebanon
Address 1506 W Main St
Phone 615-784-4599

Clayton Automotive Group, Inc Reviews

  • Sep 2, 2016

I bought a 2009 Hyundai Genisis on 7/21/16 from Clayton Auto. Lannie Labelle was the sales manager that sold it to me. First, after I bought the car it would not pass emissions testing. Emissions said to drive it because someone had to have worked on the car and disconnected the Battery. I did this and after a couple days it passed. Secondly, Clayton applied for the title. I waited 2 weeks for it. It finally showed up only the mileage they had written down was 22000 miles. The car actually has 56000 on it. I had to go to the title place to get it corrected. Now to the Major problem. I paid 17,580 dollars cash for this car. Drove it just a little over 100 miles. The car stopped running altogether. I had to have it towed to Lebanon, tn from Nashville, tn. The Hyundai dealer did a diagnostics on it and said that someone had did work on the car. Clayton was actually the one that did work on the car. Well, the guy that did the work on it in thier little work shop out back replaced coils and plugs. Only, when he did the coils he used a 12 volt computer check on it and Burned the Main Brain in the car! The Brain runs Everything so the car stopped running. The Hyundai dealer is the one that said someone did some probing in the electrical system and Burned the brain. Clayton gave me a sevice warrenty but low and behold... It doesn't cover any Electrical issues or diagnostics at all. The knew that but never told me. So now I have a car sitting at the Hyundai dealer that's undrivable. I called Clayton Auto with the info but they said they would not back up their sale of the car. I went down one last time to see if they would at least pay the repairs. They Threw me Off the property and said they Will Not help me with anything. LANNIE LABELLE, the sales manager would not help me, She would not give me any info on the owner of thier business. I asked to see the owner and they said he hadn't been there in 2 weeks. I asked for a card on him but they refused to give me the info! A part time sales person threatened to call the police because I had the nerve to ask them to help me since I paid them 17,580 dollars cash in hand. He said, get out of here. This is private property. DO NOT Buy anything from this place or Lannie. You will buy a defective auto and you will lose your money because this scam artiste will RIP YOU OFF! I have reported them to the BBB and plane to get an Attorney to help me either make them pay the repairs or refund my money! I will Not sit still for this one!

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