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Country United States
State Washington
City Seattle
Address 333 Elliott Ave. W., Ste. 500
Phone 206-301-5700
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  • Jun 7, 2022

Back in february 2022 i agreed to pay a one time fee to classmates dot com of 9 dollars via paypal...

I did not agree to have a re occouring payment or an additional 18 dollar fee which popped up in may.

I have since cancelled my classmates account.

Classmates sent me a confirmation email stating my account and profile were completely deleted.

However in that email they said my payment was forefited.

That means they are stealing my money! which i never agreed to pay for in the first place!

  • Mar 30, 2022

Two years ago I purchased a subscription to to re-connect with my high shool from which I graduated in 1962. I enjoyed catching up with a few people but did not use the service over the past year in 2021.

Before I could cancel my subscription I received a notification from my credit card company that A $96 charge from was pending--the payment had not yet been posted. I at once notified via e-mail that I wanted to cancel my subscription for the next 2 years immediately, which was on March 25, 2022.

I then followed classmates on-line procedure for canceling my account which I found very confusing, so I sent another e-mail repeating my request for cacelling my prescription and requesting that the $96 be refunded.

I was notified by classmates that both of my messages had been received, but nothing happened. So today, March 31, I called classmates and was told that when I signed up for the subscription I agreed to allow automatic deductions from my account for subsequent subscriptions. I said I understood this policy, but expected to receive prior notice that my subscription was about to renew.

I never received any such notice before seeing the pending deduction on my credit card account--I monitor all such accounts closely--but the phone representative told me classmates sends out notices of pending billing 30 days in advance. I am certain no such message was ever sent. I also asked her whether such notices were ever sent via "snailmail" and she said classmates was totally on-line and never used the US mails.

So there you have it. The pending $96 was subsequently deducted from my credit card and I was told no refund would be forthcoming--although my account was now cancelled as per my call. That is not good enough. I think this policy is a deliberate rip-off and the only fair result would be the refund of the $96.

Thank you

  • Jun 3, 2019

Page will not open, as per above. Pls rush this issue. I just renewed membership and this started happening.

  • May 17, 2019

Beware, they take your money and you are locked in. If you complain they cancel your subscription and keep your money.

  • Jan 20, 2019

After not having anything to do with them for years, they suddenly charged me $59 for something I did not order and did not want. I tried to appeal with paypal, but refused saying they gave me a service I never ordered or received. ??

This is fruadulant to force and charge me for something I never ordered and did not want

  • Sep 13, 2017

I cancelled the subscription to several months ago. On 9/4 they billed me for the monthly fee. When you call the number listed, they hang up on you.

  • Nov 29, 2016

I applied to about a year and a half ago for updates on my high school information. I paid a fee requesting $7.50 per month. I later came to find a charge of $15.00 applied to my charge but no updates. My last payment towards

that account was taken on 31 Oct. 2016 that was also an extra charge for delinquient funds.

The problem was/is I never received any updates to any monthly update but was charged $15.00 each month and now when I go to cancel the account I find I have to pay a fee. Or these qualified 'ripoff artists' or what? What can I do to expose the con artists?

  • Sep 12, 2016

My subscription had lapsed. They contacted me, saying a new visit to my profile had occurred. BUT I could only see it if I renewed. I took the bait and paid them for a vastly reduced rate of $24 for a year. When I checked who it was, it was my friend who died a while ago. Outrageous fraud. I contacted them and they advised me on how to prevent automatic renewals. Not what I wanted to know.

  • Nov 7, 2015

I signed up 04/2015 with this site to help locate classmates for our upcoming reunion 10/10/2015 . All was fine till a charge posted to my account. I contected the company immediately on line to cancel my account and refund my feee as i had no further use to continue my membership. They refused to refund my money as they have a "no refund policy" They advised that i should have cancelled my membership prior to 11/01/2015. i did not receive any prior to the expiration date or to the fact they did charge me

This company has some very jaded policy towards providing reputable customer service.

  • Aug 18, 2015

I signed up for a special for this site...I changed my settings a few months into the trial so I would not be charged the $39.00 when the trial was over. I saw the charge pending on my credit card....a card I did NOT give them. This was on the day it was to renew so I promptly emailed them to cancel ASAP and to reverse the charge. Then I went back into my settings and changed my renewal setting AGAIN. They had defaulted back to automatic aihtout me knowing it!!! I received an automated response. Can't get thru on their help line. I emailed them again and got another scripted response about how it was "non refundable. Please enjoy your paid services." When is it non refundable if you cancel on or before your renewal date??? Because it's a scam and these people are making millions on people who sign up for a mere trial. Basically they are FORCING you to continue to pay for their service. I call it stealing.

  • Aug 7, 2015

DO NOT sign up for a paid membership!!!

Regardless of what initial deal they offer, they automatically enroll you to renew, and once billed there are no refunds. As soon as I saw the renewal charge, I went to log into my classmates account, but my password had "mysteriously" changed. I clicked on the link to receive a password reset email, waited 15 minutes like they said (even though the rest of their emails get to my inbox in less than a minute), but it never arrived.

Then chatted online with a customer service rep ( who supposedly changed my account back to manual renewal so that I would not be billed in the future, and said he sent the password reset email to me from his side - still never got it.

Finally got a phone number from him for customer service (206-301-5900). The first rep I talked to spent approximately 15 seconds with me, told me to add the password email address to my contacts because it was probably hung up in spam (it wasn't). The next rep I talked with was more helpful, actually spent about 10 minutes with me trying to resolve the issue, but the password reset email still did not come through. Finally at my suggestion she checked with her IT people and found out the outgoing emails for password resets were hung up on their end; she asked me to call back if I had not received the email by the afternoon. Got back from lunch and the emails finally came through. I went and checked my account to confirm it was set to manual renewal, but from what I had read this won't guarantee that I won't be charged again.


I took another step to hopefully ensure they cannot bill me again - I went to my paypal account, clicked on Profile, then on the bottom right under Payment Settings -> Preapproved Payments. Then click on Classmates, Inc., and click Cancel to revoke their pre-approved status.

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