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Clark Hill

Country United States
State Texas
City Nevada
Address 1700 Pavilion Center Dr. #500
Phone 1 800.949.3120

Clark Hill Reviews

  • Mar 10, 2023

Paola M. Armeni acts as the cover up racket of corrupt attorneys using her position called "president" of the racket called the "Nevada Bar". It is well known that the state of Nevada runs a trafficking ring using kangaroo courts to kidnap mothers, fathers and children from their families and sell them to criminals like April Parks and other insiders who they "certify" to extort their assets and then cause their death by lethal drugs and abuse. " they call their racket "guardianship" to make the public believe that kidnapping, theft and death by abuse and drugs could possible be legitimate by calling it something other than its accurate term of a crime syndicate.

Paola M. Armeni is the kingpin of this racket. She fools the public to believe that they must file criminals complaints against attorneys who run this crime syndicate with her BAR racket when her BAR racket has no "authority" to investigate or prosecute crimes. She does this in order to shut down any complaints as she is the protection arm of the attorney perpetrators.

She is the mastermind of the criminal enterprise run by the state of Nevada swamp called the "BAR association>

In addition, she is used by Nevada prosecutors to protect their for profit extortion racket where they falsely arrest whistleblowers and those who expose their corruption to silence them. She colludes with the vicious crimes of corrupt "prosecutors" who use that office to perpetrate personal vendettas and extort the public who report their rackets.

Paola M. Armeni is a grave danger to the public. She and her firm Gentile Christalli Miller Armeni Savarese should be avoided at all costs and boycotted.

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