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CJC Construction, LLC.

Country United States
State Nebraska
City Syracuse
Address 862 5th St
Phone 402-921-0384

CJC Construction, LLC. Reviews

  • Sep 20, 2022

I accepted a bid from CJC Construction to remodel portions of my home. This bid was accepted in November of 2021. Chad Cox of CJC Construction took almost five months to give me a start date to the project after he received my deposit for half of the entire project back in November.

He initially told me he would be able to start in February of 2022. That was pushed out to end of April of 2022 when he finally began the work. He always had an excuse or reason for not showing up. The amount of work being done was going extremely slow. Because of this, I created a contract on May 4, 2022 letting him know that I was reserving the right to cancel any phase of the contract that was not completed to my satisfaction at any time. He would not be paid for any phase not completed.

I officially fired him on June 1, 2022 once I found a new contractor. I have been trying to get a portion of my deposit money back from him. As of today, he sends me an email saying that "You actually owe me".

This is unacceptable to me and I want others to know that this contractor does not perform in a timely manner. If you can wait for your project to take a year or two, you might be okay with going with him.

Just be prepared for him to constantly have issues where he won't show up and perform the work.

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