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City of Duncan

Country United States
State Oklahoma
City Duncan
Address 720 W Willow
Phone 580-252-0250

City of Duncan Reviews

  • Oct 31, 2017

I received a seatbelt ticket in my hometown of Duncan, Ok and 3 weeks after I received the ticket I attempted to pay the measly 25 dollar fine and the court employees took my drivers license number, my social security number, my date of birth, and asked who the issuing officer was and could not find a record of my ticket. I considered myself lucky until this weekend I was pulled over and arrested for driving under suspension. The court had suspended my license unbeknown to me. I was taken to the police department where I paid 720 dollars to stay out of jail for the weekend. Extremely irritated I was asking the officer why he would arrest someone over something so petty and i was informed that our police department has been instructed to take as many people in as possible and to take as much from the people as possible. I asked the officer if he thought that was the right thing to do to his community? The officer responded, NO! But, you don’t bite the hand that feeds. I showed up the following Monday to investigate the situation and I had the court employees run my information again and once more, the same result. No information was found under my name.

Once I had verified they had made a serious clerical mistake that resulted in the suspension of my license I started explaining to them the situation. The court employees told me that they would try to find out what happened and when I returned my information was put into the system and was now available. I spoke to the city attorney and I explained to him I had tried to pay the fine, I had completed my civic duties and their mistake isn’t my responsibility. I explained I had been arrested, my license has been suspended, I lost a significant amount of money on a job that needed to be completed over the weekend, I had paid bond, and the serious inconvenience of the situation in itself is unacceptable. The city attorney acted as if he was sympathetic but his job is to protect the city. I explained to him this is their mistake and I expect reimbursement of lost time and wages. He got silent and informed me I would have to go in front of the judge and plead not guilty and fight my case. I have now contacted our city mayor and the city manager about these problems. I have watched our city fall apart under the burden of our own law enforcement agencies and their insatiable need for more and more. The fact is our own police won’t stand up for what is right, our people remain blinded and beaten down, and corruption rules in our county.

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