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Church's Chicken

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 5207 N Shepherd Dr
Phone (713) 697-4103

Church's Chicken Reviews

  • May 5, 2022

I placed what I thought was a simple order for chicken tenders, fries, and a drink. It was only by chance that I opened the bag containing the order before I left the restaurant premises. The order was wrong, the chicken pieces (not tenders) were burnt.

When I went back to the drive through window. A woman saw me -- presumably she was the manager -- and ignored me until I honked my horn. When I announced the order was wrong, she retorted: "Are you sure?" Fast food is not hard to identify -- at least for me. Clearly the Church's staff had difficulty in getting an order filled accurately.

The woman then began cursing under her breath and telling me not to talk to her like that. There was no apology for the error. Instead she announced that I would be charged almost $1 more to get the order I initially requested! I paid the extra dollar.

Next thing I knew I was being handed a cash refund. The order window was slammed shut. I suppose this woman thought she was striking at me in denying me service. All she's done is ensure that that Church's location will not receive any more of my business.

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